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It is very depressing" (Professor of the Burmese language). CRF based Named Entity Recognition for Myanmar language. PARTICIPANTE > News and events. English for Naypyidaw is Royal Capital, but Burmese for Burmese would be Royal City of the Sun. There are no news about the Moe Myanmar Language Centre.

Radio 4 - On Language Location, Myanmar

Mark Turin, an anthropologist and philologist, is travelling to Myanmar to investigate what these changes mean for the tribal communities, which make up a large part of the country and in particular for their language and culture. They include the Mon, whose Austro Asian language is still widely used, claiming an old scripture used to spell Pali and Sanskrit.

For example, the state' s formal educational policies continue to prohibit the instruction of ethnical language in school. Mr Turin is talking to local governments, educators, religious guides and language specialists to find out whether these minorities' tongues will be used in the twenty-first century. Does the increase in English threaten the native language of Myanmar?

How does the futur look for Myanmar's one-of-a-kind tapisserie of intercultural and language variety?

Launch of Maian-Marine language version of California's main website

Core Humansitarian Standard (CHS) is now available in Myanmar. CHS' senior executive staff would like to thank the American Red Cross for the coordination of the work. CHS in Myanmar will be an inestimable asset for relief and aid agencies operating throughout Asia and around the world. Below you will find the thank you notes from the Myanmar Speech Preface:

First, we would like to thank the Translations Committee for leading the Humanitarian Core Standard of Quality and Responsibility from English into the language of Myanmar. Our sincere thanks go to Action Aid, American Red Cross, BRAC, CAR, Christian Aid, DanChurchAid, HelpAge International, Lutheran World Federation, Myanmar Red Cross Society, Norwegian Church Aid, Oxfam, Local Resource Center and the Accountsability & Learning Working Group for their contributions in terms of technology consulting, translations and funding for this work.

Our thanks also go to the Working Group on Catastrophe Preparedness and the Humanitarian Country Team for supporting this project. Myanmar's edition of the paper is the result of a joint input from several organizations and people. Humanitarian Core Standards for Quality and Accountability thanks everyone who has contributed to the translations and publications of the manual.

CHS is now available in 18 different language versions on our default page: Arabic, Bangla, Bahasa Indonesia, English, French, Haitian Creole, Khmer, Korean, Myanmar, Nepali, Portuguese, Spanish, Swahili, Thai, Turkish, Urutan. We also invite interested persons and organizations to have the CHS translated into other language versions. It will contribute to the wider dissemination of the paper and support the endeavours of those involved in the field of aid and aid to improve the overall impact and efficiency of their actions.

Get the CHS in Myanmar.

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