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Explore Myanmar's best rated attractions, iconic landmarks, hidden gems and unique must-do experiences. Beach Yangon guests can explore the historic city with the two nights Landmarks of Yangon Tour. Towns and sights, Loikaw Myanmar, Loikaw. The bridge connects the Asian highway between Thailand and Myanmar, located in Tambon Tha Sai Luad, opposite a city called Myawadi in Myanmar. It is the trading city and the main gateway to Myanmar.

Mingon Paya

Myanmar, better known in the English-speaking part of the country as Burma before 1989, is located at the crossroads of two of Asia's most famous cultures: India and China. Myanmar is known for its antique architectural heritage and wealthy civilization and is home to a Burmese people ( "ethnically near " Chinese and Tibetans) of 135 ethnical groups, each with their own languages and cultures, but all see Buddhism as an integrated part of their civilization.

Mynamar is cited by Buddhist as one of the places of Buddha's footsteps. Myanmar's landmarks are not only historic and archeological places, but also of great importance to the population. Mingun is less than 7 kilometres from the historic capitol Mandalay, home to the city of Mingun, home to the famed Myanmar symbol Mingun Paya, also known as Mingun Pahtodawgyi and Mingun Pagoda.

The Mingun Paya, a solid building on the western shore of the Ayeyarwady River, was built in 1790 by slave and captives under the command of King Bodawpaya. It was supposed to be a buddhistic stupa and was not finished for historical purposes. A different tale says that the shrine remained incomplete because it was too big to be made.

A glittering gold Buddha ist memorial in the center of Rangoon, today's Myanmar's capitol. The Shwedagon is notable for its dimensions and shape, which crown the Yangon skin, and for its importance for Buddhism and archeology. This is the holiest Buddhaist pit in Mynamar, with its victory place as one of the most popular places for Buddhism to worship.

There is also the Elf Shrine Clusters, a group of elevenhrines that surround a Buddha sculpture, and the renowned Footprint Hall, which shows one of Buddha's feet. This pagoda, called "The Golden Rock" in English, is situated in the small village of Kyaikhto, in the Mon State area.

One of Myanmar's most holy places is a large block of stone coated with gilded rocks resting on the rim of a pristine rocker. Buddha people believe that this cliff has magic power. According to a Buddha legends, a recluse received a strand of Buddha's scalp and woven it into his own scalp, and he soon saw that this cliff was similar to his scalp, which inspire him to make a holocaust in honour of this sac.

Kyaikhtiyo Golden Rock is open to the public during the cold seasons of the year and can be accessed by road or air. It was her passion for travelling and cultural life that led her to write her first novel, which is currently in progress.

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