Myanmar Landing Visa

Burma Landing Visa

When you are a tourist in Myanmar, you need a tourist visa. Please note that a tourist visa is no longer available in Myanmar. Documents requiring a visa must be attached to applications. Visa Free Transit (TWOV) is also available to eligible applicants. Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Myanmar and Indonesia.

You must have a valid for at least (6) month.

It takes up to (3) working days (Myanmar time) for a regular tourist visa and 24h for the Tourist Visa Express Service. Guests must spend the night in listed guesthouses, pensions and resorts during their sojourn.

Applicants should provide unique and unique information, whether it is a travel by air or by air. The application is accepted for a one-way trip only. Reentry requires a new one.

eVisa does not allow you to travel into Myanmar via the port. Common passportholders from the following are exempt from visas: Passportholders from the following and Taiwan are entitled to request a Tourist eVisa:


There have been two enlargements of the eligibility lists, first in October 2014, then in January 2015. The competition is open to people from the following countries: Remark: 1 - Visas free entry and e-visa for companies and tourists. 2- Country qualifying for an e-visa for business/tourists. UK and other EU residents are entitled to an e-visa for business/tourists.

Any other class of UK citizenship is only entitled to the touristic e-visa. Non-marking - Countries that are only suitable for an e-visa for tourists. Wiki voyage has a tour of Myanmar.

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