Myanmar Land Borders

Burma Land Borders

The most pleasant of all trips to Myanmar. Ban Phu Nam Ron Border Crossing. It is the most direct way from Bangkok to Myanmar and also the best way to the border. Sai Overland Border Crossing. A useful and detailed article about crossing the land border from Thailand to Myanmar.

It' still a tough one to break.

Burma has become a tourist destination - if you are travelling by plane and follow the well-trodden paths. When you arrive by land, you will see a completely different face of the same land. Myanmar was once one of the most difficult places to be. It is now quite simple to get your e-visa on-line and fly to Yangon or Mandalay airports.

Land borders, however, are a completely different matter. I' ve tried twice to reach Burma by land. I wanted to travel from India (Manipur State) to Thailand in 2016. Had to abandon this scheme because the Chinese and Indian governments have adopted a new policy that travellers arriving from India or China must flee Burma at the same time.

I came to Burma from Thailand in 2017 to prevent the above mentioned issue. From Kanchanaburi I wanted to enter Dawei and leave Burma on the small boat-hop from Kawthaung to Ranong. In the end, a colloquium for various reason (rainy seasons, rebels and information shortage) made me use the "mainstream" route from Mae Sot (Thailand) to Myawaddy (Myanmar).

Tamu (India)/Moreh (Myanmar) is the only foreign crossroad. One of the great disadvantages is that the rule still applies, that if you step in here, you also have to get away from here - and for that you need a separate permission. Only exceptions are those who travel overland with their own vehicles, who can request an even more specific entry and exit authorisation here.

Electronic passports are not accepted, a entry permit is not possible. Other small drawbacks are insurgent activity on both sides of the line. There''s only one foreigner' cross: the border: Ruli (China)/Mu-Se (Myanmar). Foreign nationals entering here must travel through the same checkpoint. We only accept pre-arranged physically issued visits.

In addition, the Mandalay frontier highway is partly under rebel control. From/Thailand:: There are four open borders between Thailand and Myanmar for expatriates. The Mae Sai (Thailand)/Tachilek (Myanmar) frontier can be transited with a physically, e-visa or even without a visas. If the latter is the case, you must hand in your ID card at the checkpoint and receive a card with which you can spend a few nights in the area.

In theory, if you are travelling on a foreign country in Burma, you can go on to the "mainland". A long part of the street, however, is under the control of various fractions of the rebelshans. On some very seldom occasions the goverment has permitted tourist to land-based. Myawaddy (Myanmar) is the land frontier.

Boat-frontier cities are easy to reach from the capital cities by means of local transportation, as the streets are good (even in the wet season) and there are no rebels on the streets. Crossing the frontier is possible with either a blank card or e-visa, and Myawaddy Customs officers also issue daily tickets to pass through Burma without a document.

Between Kanchanaburi and Dawei, Sunron (Thailand)/Htee Khee (Myanmar) has recently opened for newcomers. Regular visits are still required. In Burma, the roads are dirt roads. During the wet seasons there is no local transportation, and as long as the roads are still open, vehicles can get jammed, so you have to organize a four-wheel drive at the frontier.

In addition, the route passes through the area under the control of the Karen National Union (KNU), which maintains two control points. Here is some useful information about the passage during the arid time. Kawthaung (Myanmar)/Ranong (Thailand) at the southern tip of Burma is something very unique. Foreign nationals can remain visa-free in the frontier area for up to two wholeweek. They receive a frontier passport at the frontier checkpoint.

When arriving on an e-visa or an electronic or natural entry permit, you may proceed to the "mainland" of Burma. Up until 2016, due to occasional street fights, foreign nationals were only permitted to go to Dawei by high-speed craft. Maritime traffic was stopped in 2016 and the use of the roads by foreign nationals was permitted.

Myeik, the next city, lasts 14 to 20 hrs in the arid period and I could not find any information about the rainfall. Myanmar's visa-free stays are alluring. Thailands are only allowed to travel by land twice a year. If you have already come to Thailand twice by land and make a visa-free daily excursion across the Thai frontier, the Thai officials will deny you re-entry.

No open borders. Bangladesh's frontier is a real source of conflicts (the Rohingya question), the Lao frontier is not under the supervision of the state. This is the simplest place to get to Myanmar by land: The Mywaddy crossing point.

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