Myanmar Land Border Crossing

Burma Land Border Crossing

Anyone know if it is (formally and technically) possible to cross the border between India and Myanmar by land? The Indian Trade Union Cabinet, chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has approved the land border agreement between India and Myanmar. Kabinett agrees Indo-Myanmar land border treaty On Wednesday, the Union cabinet endorsed an India-Myanmar land border crossing deal, which the administration said would improve trade relations between the peoples of both states. Free mobility of persons who usually reside in the border areas of both states already exists. It will also make passenger transport easier on the strength of current passes and visa, which will improve trade and interactions between the two states.

Hopefully, it will improve connection and interactions between Indian and Myanmar residents from the north-eastern states. It safeguards the long-standing primal right of predominantly border-based communities used to free circulation across the land border, the declaration states.

The Thorn Tree - Myanmar / India Country Border Crossing at Tamu/Moreh Open

It lasted about three inches. Minivan to Kaleymo was 18000, aircon to Tamu 15000, non-aircon full service 12000 (these rates are about as high as many rates and different busses were noted at the same aime! The Aircon busses seemed to run every two or maybe only if they were selling enough seats, as we were said they wouldn't run that date, but would depart later.

It departed at 5pm (or just before, a premiere for our Myanmar time!) and I would suggest that someone else get up here and take your place as soon as the coach is calle. Monywa was quite well paved for the first two hour and then slowly turned into a stony, powdery, forgotten one.

Finally we arrived in Kaleymo around 6am, where we paused for about two hrs to discharge the load (the boxes that fill the island, a few dozens of goose, a motorcycle, etc.) and then we were on our way to Tamu (I guess the'express' does not do that, so it may arrive three or four hrs earlier).

I suppose the street out of Kaleymo is quickly improving to a slippery new asphalt street constructed by India as part of the Friend Highways. Along the way we saw a series of dry river banks (later we saw a giant embankment that could probably be held responsible for this), a vast army area that ran about 10 km along the street, many gunmen, a "correctional facility" and many small towns with apparently many small kids!

It becomes quite a bit drier and drier towards Tamu, giving the area' s somehow wilderness western style of woodhouse. I have had an uncommon number of Churches in this way of almost every kind of Christendom one can imagine, I have the feeling that all the evangelists who are visiting this area have tried to construct a missionary with their own name/their own name on how much too many have felt for the number of peoples there are!

After arriving in Tamu at about 1 pm, I believe we were released from some kind of custom in Myanmar. Then we each got a motorcycle to the border. So I started to think that this could turn out bad, got stuck in a small city near the border without the leader who imagined being put back on a coach to Mandalay.

Unnecessary to say that my motorcyclist took me to the border but Cam and Thazar were nowhere to be seen, and after a disturbing half hours they showed up, Thazar looked pretty stressful, to say the least! They were taken to Gates 2 by their riders, where Myanmar's locals and residents could walk across the border and bargain with each other for a free ride.

Border guards just beckoned some Zivilisten with their motorcycles over the river to bring us to the side of India, which was quite fun, I think the young man who was allocated to Cam had a plan and was less than impressive, but there wasn't much one of us could do!

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