Myanmar Kyat Exchange Rate History

Burma Kyat Exchange Rate History

Currency code for Kyats is MMK, and currency symbol is K. Reference Exchange Rate History. Myanmar Kyat to Singapore dollar historical exchange rates, historical charts. You use the Historical Search function for rates of other data. The historical data is available for a period of twelve months prior to today's date.

Exchange rates of the world's major currencies.

Characteristics and functions

It is an easy way to exchange up to 25 years of historic exchange rate for over 200 different denominations, as well as more than 200 different metal and crypto languages. It' the perfect solution for accountants, chartered accountants, taxation experts and anyone who needs precise and reliable FX information for sampling, analyzing and generating reports. You can display monetary information in a graphical or tabular display with up to 10 different values at the same glance.

Historical Converter is an easy-to-use, cloud-based application that does not require setup and is available from anywhere. Daytime bids, ask and mid-point courses will be released and available by 22:00 East Time at the latest. Select your basic language and the currency(s) you wish to convert.

Easily view your history in CSV for use with Excel or Google Sheets. The exchange rate of the Central Bank is available with a pro plan. All your teams can get your money at historically exchange-rate! Use our Exchange Rate API to help you manage your exchange rate translation. Imports foreign exchange directly into your ERP or TSM!

The currency indicated with an star (*) is outdated or no longer available at all.

On this page, the current exchange rate is the "interbank" exchange rate.

On this page, the current exchange rate is the "interbank" exchange rate. The volatility that can happen from one second to the next should show how important it is to use exchange rate mitigating policies when your company does transactions in different countries. You can contact our staff for any queries regarding the exchange rate between the individual pairs.

The year 2017 was certainly a year of unstable politics and economies, which had a significant impact on monetary spread. The year 2018 has already shown similar levels of instability, and this tendency is likely to persist for some while. In order to get an idea of some of the most important dates in 2018 that could have an impact on the year' s exchange rate, take a look at our information graphic "Dates for your 2018 diary".

Italy's electoral process, the European Council and the UK municipal level are just three example of what can affect your company's budgets, profit and margin.

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