Myanmar King Bayinnaung

Bayinnaung King of Myanmar

What made Myanmar's Taungoo/Toungoo family under King Bayinnaung so power? Firstly, the use of matchlock weapons in the conduct of war in South East Asia. But Bayinnaung was an expert and skilled general under his brother-in-law Tabin Shwe Hti, the founders of the Taungoo family. Although Tabin Shwe Hti is not as succesful as Bayinnaung, he is already destabilizing the current local forces on his way to the Austro-Hung.

After showing his bright strategy and audacity in Tabin Shwe Hti's domestic battles, Bayinnaung became the uncontested leaders of Burma's centre and south. It' s militarism was also supported by the rediscovered richness of Bago (or Pegu) as an important commercial centre during the period of increasing commercial emphasis in the period of exploitation.

In the Shan states (both Myanmar and Shan China), he also ran a bold program that gave him the labor necessary to run a major program on a scale never before seen in South East Asia as well. But his negotiating skill also contributes a lot to the victory, as he keeps many faithful minions (e.g. many Thai prince refuse to revolt against Bayinnaung when the ousted king of Thailand shouted for weapons).

And Bayinnaung even took part in local matters such as the Ceylon intervention and the Mughal Kingdom's ambassadors. The Bayinnaungs kingdom was considered by many travellers and discoverers to be the second strongest in Asia after the Ming Kingdom of China. However, the sprawling imperium, which used all the natural ressources it could die with its energy empress like a fire of matches within a few years.

All 3 famed royals of the kingdom of Myanmar!!!!!

The 3 illustrious monarchs of ancient Myanmar built empires long before America was founded in 1776. This is why I have my own theme or my own song because I' m going to do a little research on these 3 ancient Myanmar monarchs. While Myanmar is moving towards modernisation, Myanmar, along with Myanmar, will of course be better, broader and more clearly known to everyone in the rest of the planet.

I' ll begin with King Bayintnaung, because although he is the second architect of the Myanmar Empire, he is my first selection among others 2. Tanintharyi State King Bayinnaung/Bayintnaung:-: King Bayinnaung Monument in Tanintharyi State (section in legal language). ..... g-Monument ..... to/2400836 It is built at the southernmost point of the mainland Myanmar Nation.

This Southern Point is known as Victoria Point, KawThaung City, Myanmar. At the top is the Google Map of the King Bayinnaung Monument at Victoria Point. Zooming in and out to see the whole surroundings of this unparalleled tourist spot of Myanmar, you can see the Thai city of Ranong across the canal/border with Thailand.

Near the Andaman Sea there are also Cocos Archipelagos, an extremly insulated small island of Myanmar. Anawrahta, Bayintnaung and Alaungpaya are these three monarchs. Second Burmese empire founder is King Bayintnaung. Bayintnaung is actually a proxy (or vice president in the modern USA?) who becomes king after King Tabinshwehti was murdered by Smim Sawhtut one of his closest advisors.

Bayintnaung name that I declare? Older king or older than king or superior/higher than king. His Bayintnaung precursor is Tabinshwehti. The king (Tabinshehti) failed in the Thai battle, but Bayintnaung won over Thailand. re_builder Third and last Middle Eastern founder is King Alaungpaya. 1. My wife, the founder of the Burma Empire: Note: In the above mentioned links it is written correct as mine with a "t" in Bayintnaung.

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