Myanmar Kalaymyo Map

Kalaymyo Myanmar Map

Maps of hotels in the Kalaymyo area: " Kalaymyo" means "a children's city" in Burmese. The Myanmar Information Management Unit (MIMU) is a. Directions, maps and traffic for Kalaymyo, . - The location of the city of Kalaymyo on the map of Myanmar. The Kale District (also called Kalemyo District) is the westernmost district in Sagaing Division of Burma (Myanmar).


The Kalaymyo (???????????), mostly known under the former name Kalay, claims to be the real capitol of Chin State, although it is situated directly behind the boarder in the neighboring Sagaing region. More than half of the world' s inhabitants are Chin, far more than the Hakha inhabitants.

Kalaymyo's more than 500 churchs- some no more than homes with a small church and others larger- testify to Chin's impact. Kalaymyo is located in a river basin near the junction of three streams and with the Chin Hills that rise above the town. It is also remarkable from a geographical point of view because the Tropic of Cancer through it.

Today it is a simple place with many timber buildings and also serves as a gate to the north of Chin State.

Downlaod map Kalaymyo

The Kalaymyo (Myanmar) map shows 795 km of roads and itineraries. When you wanted to go them all, provided you were walking four kilometres per hr, eight lessons per day, it would take you 25 working nights. And if you need to go home, there are 0 buses and trams as well as metro and train terminals in Kalaymyo.

Covering a surface area of 0 sq km, the park and park make up 0% of the area of Kalaymyo, 2,324 sq km. This means that each of Kalaymio's 400,000 inhabitants has an area of 0.0001% area. If you want to go out, Kalaymyo has more than 0 cafes, pubs, cafes, bars, icecream parlours, beergardens, movie theaters, night clubs and more.

There are also more than 0 places of interest and memorials and far more than 1 retailer.

Airport Kalemyo, Myanmar (Code: KMV)

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