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The Myanmar Times | K-paint in Myanmar

The well-known Korea based artiste Park Jin Woo and three other Koreans performers (Chong Eun Mi, Nam Yeo Joo and Kwon Young Sil) organized a three-day show from May 20th to 23rd. They are very different from what the Myanmar public is used to. However, Park Jin Woo is not new to the Myanmar world.

He took part in the Myanmar Art Fair in 2016, organized by the same gallery in Yangon. Last October he opened another one-man show in Myanmar. "Myanmar has many artistic lovers. Myanmar is my favorite," he says. To such an extent that he chose to take other korean performers with him.

He' s got three colleagues this year. Park Jin Woo mostly painted light flower pictures on a grey background for this special event. It also had some special features of Myanmar, in particular a profile of General Aung San and Daw Aung San Suu Kyi - a way of "paying respect" to the guest nation, as he put it.

Jin Woo is vice-chairman of the valuable Mapo-Associations, an arts center is Seoul. His voyage as an artiste began at the age of 15. He has since gained worldwide acclaim and has been shown in Seoul, Daejeon, Japan, Hawa, L.A. and Myanmar. Its Myanmar enthusiasts are in luck.

If he exhibited in Myanmar, he lowered the cost of his pictures significantly. In the present show he has items between 600 and 9000 US dollars in value. Chong Eun Mi caused a stir with "Things Beautiful in May", a serie of olive oils that depict gorgeous sceneries. Eun Mi has a Bachelor of Art from Kyung Hee University.

It' her seventh show. She won several prizes in Korea in 2013. The works of the artists Nam Yeo Joo were also very gratifying. She has won many prizes in her home state Korea, like Chong Eun. Kwon Young Sil was the last one. Their imaginative design gave the public a cheerful, pleasant and fresh sensation.

It was part of an exhibit in Korea, Spain and the USA. "And I like this exhibition," said U Tin Win, a resident musician. Myanmar's passion for Korea's soaps seems to have found an analogy in music.

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