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The once booming Myanmar magazine market is shrinking rapidly, and many publications may be threatened with extinction, say industry experts. Some news magazines are also allowed. An index of business and financial magazines in which the name of the magazine, the region in which it was published and the language(s) are indicated. Online magazine for literature, free speech and social justice (City of Asylum, Pittsburgh). News, stories and media coverage about Myanmar Journal Download.

Journal markets on the brink of disappearance

Myanmar's once buoyant journal sales are rapidly dwindling and many titles may be threatened with disappearance, say sectorals. Among the issues are the distribution of television stations, the lack of publicity and an increasing postage rate, which has reduced its distribution abroad. "Two years is the longest survival period for our literature journals.

The majority of tabloid periodicals will not be able to live much longer than the literature periodicals," said U Win Thura, responsible journalist of Mahaythi, one of the most renowned literature periodicals in the state. Approximately 10 ready-to-be-marketed literature periodicals and 15 general-interest periodicals are issued each month. By 2012, the German federal state had quintupled its postage tariffs for mailing international periodicals and thus severely impacted unit revenue, as the international magazine distribution accounted for 30 per cent of the entire print run.

For the last five years, according to industry specialists, TV stations such as MRTV-4, 5 Network and Sky Net have been declining in number. Journals are also rated K2500-K3500 beyond the pockets of their respective reader. "The breakdown of the lending business was the first surge to reach the magazine markets.

The increase in postage was the second," said U Win Nyein, editor-in-chief and publisher of the Shwe Amyutay literature publication, a 10-year-old sponsoring the yearly Shwe Amyutay Literature Award. Before collapsing, it sold month-to-month journals in Overseas markets with large Myanmar immigrant labour groups, particularly in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Australia, Japan and the USA.

Shipping to ASEAN now is K2000-K2500, shipping to Japan, Australia and the USA from K10,000 to K15,000 - four to five fold the publishing fee. They can no longer pay Myanmar's foreign readership. "How can we be selling journals abroad when the post office is five fold the journal's fee?

In the opinion of the store specialists, the costs of producing a particular store are almost the same as the costs of the shelve. Literature journals can be up to K 2000 per edition sold for K 2500. Whilst fashionable press are in a combatant occupation and transportation a gathering magnitude of ad, they suffer as umpteen business person cognition to new receiver depression.

Up until about a year ago, ad revenues filled the space between the K5000-K5500 per copy and the K3500 selling rate, and only four or five out of 15 print media should have enough ads to keep them above water much longer. Sector watchers say almost every journal, whether written or published, gives away more than 1000 free of charge to marketers or for promotional purposes.

Both U Win Nyein and U Win Thura said that before the increases in mail tariffs, their circulation was 10,000 and 6,000, respectively, but in the last two years they have forfeited about half of their number. Aung Daw Sabei, VP of Neilsen-MMRD, a US-Myanmar JV research firm, said to the Myanmar Times that 70 hours of commercials from domestic and overseas companies in Myanmar go to TV stations and only 20 to 30 hours to the printed world.

Sunday newspaper editor-in-chief Daw Ei Phu Aung said only four or five such papers had adequate publicity revenues and many were fighting for their survival. I' ve been telling my mates in this store that if they don't change them.

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