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Journals made available on this page are uploaded by the original journal/magazine companies. Are you looking for magazines in Myanmar? New Orthosiphon stamineus high oxygen diterpenes from Myanmar. New hip-hop magazine The Street will appear in Myanmar in September, the publisher and famous hip-hop star Ah Boy told the Myanmar Times. You can download many daily newspapers from Myanmar.

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We' re refreshing the shopping basket. We' re refreshing the shopping basket. We' re refreshing the shopping basket. We' re refreshing the shopping basket. The Internet Magazine is the premier IT magazine in Myanmar focusing on the latest technology, media coverage of hard- and soft-ware, IT industry movements in domestic and global communities, the latest gaming and electronics-products.

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As of March 2, 2010, a non-stop service will be operated between Yangon and Hanoi for the Myanmar and Vietnam regions. Now all Vietnam tourism can take the Vietnam Airline directly to/from Yangon-Vietnam. Please be informed that the Myanmar Hotelier Association (Taunggyi Zone) and Union of Myanmar Travel Association will host the Inle Orchid's Images Festival in May 2010 at the Hotel Haw Nann, Nyaung Shwe.

One of the reasons for the difficulties of obtaining a Japan visas is that you usually submit a counterfeit or falsified application. Myanmar and Bangladesh concluded an agreement on 2 February to construct a network of motorways in Asia. Global engineers have predicted that around 3,000 million bpd of petroleum could be produced from Myanmar's coastline alone.

Myanmar still produces chauk, shwe pyi tha, ye nan chaung, man, pyay, myan aung and ye tagon. Also without a certificate or certificate, a participant with experience in the hospitality business can be assigned to a higher position in the international hospitality business.

Hospitality, Culinary&Tourism are very useful topics in the global hospitality industry. A Ministry of Tourism and Hospitality said that a scheme is in preparation to provide quality travel agents who work in the tourism industry who do not have a current tourist guidance license. AMD2 programmes feature Myanmar films and MWD3 will show entertaining programmes.

The Myanmar Insurance Association plans to introduce a new type of life insurance to the market shortly. Burma is still second in Beans Export/. The first beans exports in the rest of the word are Canada, Myanmar, Australia, USA and China. Some years ago Myanmar became second in Beans exports. In 2001-2001, Myanmar' s exports to the whole planet amounted to almost one million tonnes of beans.

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