Myanmar Journalist Visa

Burma Journalist Visa

Journalists entering Myanmar for work purposes. Forms for journalists; download here. Visa applications can be made to Myanmar's foreign embassies. Prerequisites for Burmese citizens living in the United Kingdom applying for a journalist visa to Peru.

You came to Bangladesh on a tourist visa.


Journalist's visa is issued for 3 month from the date of your payment, not from the date of depart. Duration of your visit in Burma is 28 nights. It is a unique visa for entering the United States. When you have to vacate the Netherlands and must come back a few working hours later, you will need to apply for a new visa.

There is only one registration sheet per student. - Original passport for at least 6 month from the date of your stay in Myanmar with three full blank pages. In order to receive this paper, an English language request must be submitted to the Consul with the following documents: Local payments :

Pay by post : You can make a one-off deposit for several visa requests. Shipping time: For a local visa application: Your visa request will be processed within 24h. To apply for a visa by mail: Upon receiving your post, if your data set is completed, the handling of your visa will be carried out under 24 hrs and then sent.

It is necessary to take into consideration the time limit for dispatch and delivery of mail, i.e. about 7 working day after the time limits of mailage. The Embassy of Myanmar has the right to process or refuse any visa applications and to ask for any other support documents to fill in a file.

Alien correspondent compelled to leap more tires to get visas

Rangoon - Some international media have evacuated Myanmar and others are getting ready to leave after the regime tightens visa requirements and critically reports on the military's response to the riots in Rakhine state. A number of international correspondents said they had to allow up to four week to get a new visa for re-entry after a stay abroad.

"In the case of a journalist visa, a MOI (Ministry of Information) credential is necessary. There seemed to be some disorientation among civil servants about the new regulations, however, as a member of the Ministry of Information said that his bureau no longer sends credentials to international reporters.

"In fact, visa requirements are not a matter for our department. It' s the job of the Immigration and Labour Ministries," he said. The MOI had in the past provided credentials to visa applicants, but U Myo Myint Maung said they could now directly request a 28-day visa from an overseas visa office.

"We have eased the restrictions on visa requests; they no longer need a credentials letter," he said. U Thit Sar Hla Htwe, however, the Foreign Correspondents Club of Myanmar Secretariat, said that Myanmar-based reporters looking for a long-term three- or six-month visa still need the MOI to make a credentials, which must also be endorsed by the Ministry of Immigration and the MOFA.

The 28-day visa is only valid for members of the press who do not have an Myanmar branch. Goverment gave them a three-month visa and it was repeated immigration. You could enter and exit on this visa. "However, the authorities no longer give them three-month multiple-entry visa.

Reporting officers must request a new visa if they want to return to the country," he said. "Many international writers have complained," said U Thit Sar Hla Htwe, and added that a recent Tuesday call from a West European journalist described the difficulties he had with a new visa.

MOI even said to the journalist that a green registry cardholder from Myanmar Foreign Correspondents Club is required before a visa is granted. Whilst the MOI alleged that new legislation was adopted in December last year, U Thit Sar Hla Htwe said that the new legislation only came into force in October this year, when two TRT World reporters were arrested in Naypyitaw for trying to launch a UAV over Parliament.

Burma had already intensified the visa requirements for journalists in 2014 when violent attacks erupted in Thu Chee Yar Tan, Maungdaw.

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