Myanmar Journal Update

New Myanmar Journal Update

Burma and its chamois update. Main page " Section " Update News. Burma and Thailand are neighbouring countries, which together cover more than half of the surface area of continental tropical Asia. Updated checklist of aquatic plants from Myanmar and Thailand. The Mycological Progress is an international peer-reviewed journal on all aspects of fungi, including lichen.

Myanmar Geological Belts, Plate Borders and Mineral Deposits - Andrew Mitchell

It concentrates on the natural and historical aspects of Myanmar's structured belt and terrane, with a special focus on minerals and their relation to the stratigraphic and structured environment. Myanmar is also full of oil and minerals and home to some of the biggest upheavals in Southeast Asia. Several of these obstacles have been eliminated and there is growing interest internationally in Myanmar's geological and minerals as well.

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Myanmar criminal journals

From March 2009, the National Library of Australia will also collect mystery novels from Myanmar. The two new Myanmar subscribers are Pyit-hmu (Crime Magazine) and Shu-htaunt Hmu-hkin (Crime and Newspaper). Hmu-hkin Shu-htaunt is a quarterly magazine containing the latest information on current crimes in Myanmar, which includes murders, rapes, assault, robberies, thefts, counterfeiting, scams and drugs dealing.

Piti-hmu is a quarterly journal containing a wide range of national and international criminal reports, as well as law, breaking information, story telling, poetry and comics.

Myanmar: A dam project in Myanmar

For the editor: "A Chinese-Backed Dam Project Puts Myanmar in a Bind" (newspaper report, April 2), about the Myitsone Damm and China-Myanmar issues, is important to remind your reader of a crucial relation. It is also worth remembering that Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, Myanmar's chief, appointed a special committee on the plight of the embankment shortly before her journey to Beijing last year, probably so that she would not have to concern herself with the Chinese on this sensitive matter on her first state adviser mission.

Their applause has declined domestically because of poor reform efforts and at international level because they have not expressed their views on questions of respect for Rohingya and Muslims. However, she said that her top prioritisation was the peacemaking act - the end of decade-long uprisings among communities - but the approval of this or more reservoirs in her areas further jeopardises the trustworthiness of her state.

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