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A lot of people in the industry don't make enough effort with their jokes.

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Examine the facts of how the Buddhist attacks occurred and then they took revenge with such brutal violence. Subsequent to the name is an unpaid volunteer in Myanmar. The favourite part of this film is that the Myanmar population is insulted, that the nation is being incited to commit genocide, and extremists.

The people who detest Moslems are not Buddhist, but forged. It is a matter of what have the Moslems who even the Buddhist hates them done over time? This is what Lord Buddhah said once: "Together with other Buddhist extremism of the present and the past, we are going to crush it. There is also a conflict between traditional Christians and Islam.

In essence, these faiths stand for peace philosophy, but due to the war and violent misinterpretation of Christianity and Islam (and most global religions), human beings have forgotten that they are essentially as tranquil as Buddhism (which many also mistake for Jainism). Burma's no gag. Maybe these Moslems get something from the karmas.

Maybe those muzzlers did something to make those buddhists angry. Poor jokes find a new one. It is my pleasure how these freedoms come to defend the Rhingya Moslems without even realizing what they are doing there. Whoa, so much bias in one single tape. I' m betting that Buddha wasn't the type that nodded at Pai Mei!

I' m from lndia and I've never noticed the buddhistic friars to be PEACEFUL...if anything they seem to be slightly titled and rather go off snobbish in meeting them personally.

I just think it was an experiance..... that's their real color..... not all of them but most of them are extremistic!!!!! Extremer Buddhist u named it good! If we call extremists Muslims, put the guilt on us...............

Just like conservative activists or Islamic activists, these activists are booddist in name only. And, like other Islamic extremists, they are hypocritical who use their religions to conceal their sins. If even a Buddhist cannot come to terms with Moslems, you know that there is something not right with Islam itself.

Buddhists should be at peace..... Because we Bangladeshi take the Mayans. You kill humans like they're not humans. Humans suffer. But Mayanmar didn't want to loose their country, so they wouldn't let these Muslims come to us in 1971.

However, Bangladesh is home to 4 faiths (Islam, Hindu, Christianity and Buddhism). So I went to Buddhist High. Believe me, our Buddhists are very courteous. Our Buddhist has been helping us to help the Rhinga people. So, please, not all Buddhists hates. And Mayanmar wanted us to exchange our Buddhist for their Muslim.

Cause they' re our guys, not some things we can do. they' re not buddhistic, they' re goddamn terrorists. I' m a Buddha and we are living in perfect union with hinduistic Christians and moslems in Nepal. "Moslem" extremist: l want the Western world to torch people: What makes all Moslems so honest?

Moslems are such horrible reterrorists, they have such poor doctrines. "Buddhaist" extremist: and I want the Moslems here to kill humans. So when Myanmar was under attack by a terrorist, where were the papers, when Paris ,Uk,wtc were under attack, why can't they show Islam?

Do you call Buddhists cruelty when it comes to Myanmar? Those who don't have the guts to stand up to terrorism always say crap when fighting them..... Now, while idiots are talking crap about Israel. Now Myanmar. That stupid libertarian dog mentions one side of the history and does not tell the Muslims' decades-long Muslim djihad for their own state; it should also tell why these Islamic militias decapitated Hindu village dwellers..... if the struggle really is between Buddhist extremists and Islamists, why Hindus were attacked.

Buddhists, Hindus and the Burmese military are fed up with this Muslim bullshit. Buddhists, Hindus and the Burmese military are angry with Muslims for murdering and violating their siblings. Buddhists, Hindus and Burma's military are now slaying and defeating the Royingya Muslims in Myanmar.

Soon, the outside world is about to do what the Buddhists, the Hindus and the Burmese military do to Muslims. Burma needs Murmanian democracies! May Fuck Yeah! I loathe Myanmar folks. They spread fast here in Malaysian. Go back to your homeland-- If they complain, why don't they call them Buddha ist terrorist, as they have to do with Islam.

Well, the first Buddhism is not the origin of this extreme, I have seen most Buddhaist lyrics and no one tolerates this kind of pointless force. In Myanmar, the issue is that racial tensions mix with hostility and remain religion. Most Hindus, Buddhists, Jains, Sikhs, Zoroastrians and others in the area also do not like Muslims because of the Muslim invasion of India and its neighbours, which was completely ruthless and ruthless.

So, from a historical point of view, there is also aversion to the way the indigenous religion was dealt with by the Muslims and now the right-wing radicals and other extreme ists want to take vengeance. He is CHENG!!!!!! ENDIGINALLY, western mass media emphasize the continued force of the Myanmar army, which is playing a pivotal part in the process of recognizing the country's policy challenge.

As a second measure for a better comprehension, it would be to relate the part of the extreme religious, as he is an extreme from whom the Buddha ist authority has dissociated itself. It should not be given confirmation to take his words for the general Buddha school. Burma is an act of terrorism........... this friar is in comparison to what? that is how to say that al is a celebrity Islamic guide in symmetria, which is something as a member of the zjw medias, he would NEVER do.

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