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" It felt like I committed a crime when I told a dirty joke and saw a child repeat it. A possibility suddenly appears - are these recent reports of Burma's phenomenal economic growth simply an ingenious April Fool's joke? Clothing worker at the clothing factory in Myanmar. The joke I wanted was "My God, what did DID MJ do to Bubbles? I' m always making a joke - if there is a mistake, it is the belief in citizens' rights.

Tragedy makes a filthy diversion

The well-known actor Myittar played the role of the Waldengel in an someint show, a kind of theatre vaudeville show with performers and comedy. It was about clearing the tree for the benefit of Myanmar's North. It didn't seem like the public was amused by his comedy.

Myittar made a filthy joke after a brief pause. Said he was from Mon State city, Pawni. Myanmar farmer also means "thigh," so he jested that his city of farmer lies near the river water, which in Myanmar is a courteous term for the hinge at the tip of the knee.

The Myanmar Times questioned Myittar, he was his regular joke. He began performing in 1986 when he founded the Ta Khine Lone Shwe Anyeint company and is known for satirizing contemporary socioeconomic themes. At the end of the 90s he was banished from the scene because of his humour about the country's educational system and power-work.

Others, however, concentrate almost exclusively on colorless themes and tell gays' or handicapped men's gays' stories. "A number of comics prefer gender specific humor because they think that trying to combine politics with humor is a risk," Myittar said. Movie producer Maung Myo Min also tends to prevent filthy humor.

In 2006 he formed the Hninsi Anyeint Company - known for its satirical politics - with movie stars and female comedians. "Maung Myo Min said, "When a funny man in my company made a bad joke, the crowd smiled. He admits, like Myittar, that there are great variations in the public.

Said her troops adjusted by making filthy gags when they appeared in outback. However, they try to prevent any joking that is either worshiping or making fun of notable people. But not all of them are following Maung Myo Min's example, so the viewers in Yangon also have to bear these comedies. Cartoons say they have the feeling they have to make filthy jokes to get a slight smile, even if they don't necessarily want to.

It is a long standing custom to tell a joke about recent happenings, policy and land issues, dating back to the end of the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. Round-talking comedian for MRTV Khin Hlaing said that the narrative of sexual jokes also has a long story, and that web accessibility does not help.

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