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Job Seeker is a website that connects job seekers and employers. Vacancies can be found on our website. Applicants should submit their CV or resume. Find current job offers and vacancies for local and international companies, cooperations and organizations in Myanmar. If so, apply now via our website and get started on your new job in Myanmar.

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It is our quest to offer you the best job opportunity in Myanmar, which includes Yangon, Mandalay or Naypyitaw, or even all over Myanmar. If you are a recent alumnus or an seasoned pro looking for a full or part-time job in Myanmar, JobNet makes it easy.

Over the years, the land and the local economies have expanded and created more people in all of Myanmar's major towns. There are genuine workplaces and workplaces in Myanmar, with the most recent job openings in the federation, from genuine employer.

What can I do to find a job in Burma as a foreigner?

Burma, also known as Myanmar, is a southeast Asian state. The following is a list of ressources to help you find work as a Burmese national. On the following pages you can anticipate a return ratio of 0.5 to 1.0% (people who will reply to you to whom you sent your application/resume.) Nevertheless, I urge you to try these pages, because you never know what you can think of or what links you can make from a basic email or cv.

You have job hunting possibilities for Burma. Teach your language is an optional extra (if you are a mother tongue Englishman). Each of the following pages are quite similar and have a large number of job training job choices. Look through each of the pages for job vacancies in Burma.

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Also an overburdened intersection, but a plethora of vacancies for lectureships abroad. There is a great job for Dave in putting together some of the best job offers from all over the globe. Large job training aggregate. oversea jobs: There is often considerable overlapping between the contributions on this website and those of other websites.

As a matter of fact, on the Vis information part of my website, you will find where I have interlinked with their list of international missions. Best places to work as a Burmese migrant. If you need information about Burma travel information, please visit my Burma travel information page. World-wide job guide:

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I have a dream: a borderless universe. I' m trying to remove the obstacles that keep you from travelling or residing in another state. I' m recommending websites from now and then, not because I get a small fee when you click on the link and make a sale, but because I want you to concentrate on the places that give you the greatest value and the best results.

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