Myanmar Jade Photo

Burma Jade photo

Getty Images' perfect Myanmar Jade Stock photos and editorial news images. () and hard wax for forming cabochons (photo by Mark Smith). Find out more about the factors that make jade so desirable. You can download myanmar jade stock photos. Traders at Mandalay's Jade Market.

The Jade and Hheroin in Myanmar | The wider picture

Myanmar's failed jade scavenger, who are trying to alleviate their desperation, are experiencing a flood of substance abuses in Kachin State, a major threat to the uncontested administration of Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi after her earth-shattering electoral victory. Drugs are widespread among the gem-catchers or "hand-pickers" who stream into the Hpakant in the north in hopes of locating clumps of the jewel that are ignored by large mines.

Journey of the Jade of the Blood

The Myanmar Jade is one of the most gorgeous in the rich. The best mine is in war-torn Kachin state, where ethnically militarized groups and the Myanmar army are at each other's throats. Here is one of the best mine in the state. "Journey of The Blood Jade", a photo show at the Yangon Gallery from 16 to 18 May, was supposed to show how bloodstained the sector is.

Soe Win Nyein, Ko Zaw, Zaw Moe Htet and Nyan Hlaing Lynn showed around 70 photographs and several videoclips showing the influence of jade trading in the Hpakant township in the state of Kachin. It was sponsored by the Yangon Journalism School and the Natural Resource Governance Institute. They were archaeological excavations, jade workmen and the traces that have been preserved in the surroundings after years of work.

It' s the normal civilian's responsibility," said U Ye Naing Moe, director of Yangon Journalism School. Burma has about 350 jade firms, most of them in Kachin. You are running 24/7 and directly and indirectly employ 300,000 workers, said a deputy from Hpakant. Global Witness's 2015 Global Witness story hit the heads outside Myanmar, says U Ye Naing Moe.

However, the local population is still largely ignorant of the impact of retail on their life. Billion of taxpayers' revenues could come from commerce and flow into the areas of healthcare and training, he states. Commoners are suffering from trafficking but reaping little profit, said Zaw Moe Htet, the film-maker. In the Hpakant Township, Zaw Moe Htet took pictures of a decade of jade mining, sometimes with UAVs, as the places were too inaccessible.

The photographer Ko Zaw showed a number of before and after photos. Says things got faster in 1994 when machinery was used to quarry the gems. Myanmar's photographs pointed out that Myanmar is loosing people working in the mining and stone conflict areas.

After all, the land loses its most valuable resource: its natural world. When an image says more than a thousand words, then a "Journey of The Blood Jade" said.

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