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Lonely Planet Myanmar Itinerary

Hello all, any comments or suggestions for our itinerary would be most welcome. Myanmar (Burma) travel guide by Lonely Planet. A itinerary is like a map to him, he uses it to imagine things in his head. Guidebooks, Lonely Planet, Travel Guide, Travel Guide, Thailand. The highlights and itineraries will help you to tailor your trip to your personal needs and interests.

Burma Itinerary Help

Hello, We have come back from a long 45 day trip to Myanmar and we have taken English language guide to explore this wonderful area! They' re all great, will take you to a non tourist place, sometimes they hit their family? The price ranges from 20,000 to 30,000 kyatt/day, or $30. It's often hard to get off the well-trodden paths in this state.

On Inle Lake, Nyaungswe: You organise everything you want, leave a 2-day excursion to the country ("Pindaya") on Inle Lake, where he has families. The Ngwe Saung: The sea view snorkeling, a really ultrahigh access and simple snorkeling on the Isles of Loves.... Mr Win, leader to motorbike to take you anywhere on his motorbike, hire a motorbike, with or without rider.....

He is often on the shore with his motorbike to see the tourist and give advice..... Honestly Influenza not under, very open, very lucky and smile! He is an old pensioned instructor who is enthusiastic about his land and his people. If you' re a beautiful coachman, ask him who can speak English!

He' adorably, honestly, our favourite. Timber room, not necessarily with views of a large road in the centre. great bed linen, great accommodation, you keep baggage, if necessary, book transport. home. Toongoo: Nice guesthouse in the countryside (finally), everything from woods, gardens, quiet, local restaurants if you want (yay with a child) .

To the elephant town. We' re going to the town, we'll just sit here and watch the bulls.....

Burma Itinerary - Consultation please!

Hello, I'm traveling to Burma for 2 week on Saturday and I thought up a rough route, but I wanted some opinion! Yangon. Accommodation in Yangon. Yangon. Sleepover coach to Bagan. Yangon tomorrow. Departure Yangon pm. Thought about spending a less night in Bagan, or how well Mount Kyaiktiyo fits into the route.

You may reach Yangon early in the morning of the 14th and drive directly to Mt. Kyaiktiyo, where you will stay the whole evening and return to Yangon on the 15th but remember that this may be a bit too much!

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