Myanmar Itinerary

Burma Itinerary

We can customize this itinerary to suit your interests. It can be a big task to plan a trip to Myanmar, especially the first trip. The two-week trip to Burma/Myanmar took place in December. Hug a wealth of wonderful Myanmar. The most classic and popular itinerary for Myanmar, this allows you to discover the best of this magical land, even in a limited time.

Best of Myanmar in two weeks: Proposed route

I have always been captivated and captivated by Myanmar. However, when I traveled alone through Southeast Asia in 2006, the land was still very inaccessible to visitors. The Bundeskartellamt still advises against travelling to parts of the Federal Republic of Germany (large parts of Rakhine State, North Shan State and Kachin State), especially in view of the recent Rohingya War.

However, the vast majority is still a generally secure place to go and I certainly did not come across a dispute or felt at all insecure during my December 2016 trip. Myanmar had the charm of a less advanced tourism location for me, but without the linguistic barrier and bad tourism facilities I had expected before my sojourn.

Transportation is both available and dependable, Wi-Fi works in most towns, and housing is much better than some people think on the web. To put it briefly, it's a captivating, varied and magic land I've enjoyed so much before the outside is.

If you want to do the same, here is my (just under) two-week Myanmar route. We' ve reserved our tickets via Skyscanner (if you don't have the application yet, you can get it here) at Air Asia for £23 each. After arriving in Yangon at 21:10, we drove directly to our amazing little Yangon city center youth Hostel on 13th Street (yes, all streets here are unnamed and numbered).

Though Yangon is no longer the main town of Myanmar, it is a large sized town, so orientation can be bewildering and stunning, but also thrilling and uplifting. In Yangon, the sun is also pathetic. The Shwedagon is considered the biggest and holiest of Myanmar pagodas because it is thought to contain 100 meter high gold-plated stupas of Gautama Buddha's Buddha, on whose doctrines Buddhism was born.

Located on Singuttara Hill, which dominates the town' s skies, this wonderful panorama was one of my favorite places of interest in Yangon. She usually comes in a small blank liquor on a small blank sauce and often with a selection of snack like móhìngà (a meatless pasta broth considered an informal Myanmar specialty ), steams, roasted potatoe buns and delicious local candy.

Wherever we stayed: Çheck In @ Downtown Yangon. You can book here with Agoda (which seems to be cheaper for Southeast Asia). The place is an institute in Yangon. More about Yangon here. Ah, Bagan! In Myanmar Bagan was my favorite place. More than 10,000 buddhistic buildings (temples, palagodas and monasteries) were built between the eleventh and thirteenth century on an area of 67 km2 in the fruitful Myanmar plateau.

The thing I liked most about the exploration of the Bagan Temple was that despite the fact that it is becoming an ever more attractive travel spot (and one that is more open today than ever before), the mere scale of the area and the number of churches it contains give the feeling that you can discover new territories.

Wherever we stayed: The Royal Bagan Hotel. That was probably one of the cheapest hotel we were in. Make your booking here with Agoda. To maximize our Bagan trip, we chose to take a daily coach to Kalaw, and our only reason for getting to Kalaw was to hike from here to Inle Lake, so we didn't need much extra urban work.

Wherever we stayed: Make your booking here with Agoda. Since we had no free travel on our brief journey to really get off the well-trodden paths in Myanmar, I wanted at least a foretaste of Myanmar in the countryside; a different kind of civilization far away from other people. That'?s exactly what we found on our Kalaw to Inle Lake Tour.

We' ve rented our two-night/three-day tour of Eagle Trekking (which I can 100% recommend) for $55 each (although the rate will depend on how many persons are on the tour; we had 5). You can book your boating tours through a number of Nyaungshwe owned and operated companies and - as far as I know - they are all quite a lot, so it makes no sense to shop here.

Nyaungshwe Lake's smaller affluents are extremely charming - quiet, reflective water dotted with stilted houses, buddhistic shrines and swimming pools - and provide real insights into the life and work of the local people away from the fast evolving tourism industries around Nyaungshwe and the north part of the lakes. These cruises themselves, which are much more touristic than the others in Myanmar, take you to some of the most intriguing places.

Here you can find out more about these pages and what you can await from a cruise around Lake Inle. Wherever we stayed: With £14 per room per night, this was one of the lowest cost places in Myanmar. You can book here with Agoda. Then we took the daily shuttle to Mandalay, which lasted about eight hour, and reached Mandalay at about 5 pm.

Wherever we stayed: The rooms are a little small, but Wi-Fi works everywhere, there is a good buffet break, the personnel is extremely courteous and alert, and the effective AC offers a welcome getaway from the suffocating Mandalay heats. Make your booking here with Agoda. Considering this, we decided to have our lunch at Mandalay Hill, which was definitely the right choice in hindsight.

Over 1729 stairs the ascent leads past some coupons, one of which contains the largest book in the world. However, you should sum them up in the formula and you have something to make a short stop in Mandalay. From Mandalay we have flown with Bangkok Airways to Chiang Mai, but there are also connections to Bangkok or back to Yangon.

The point is where to end your trip to Myanmar and where to go afterwards. Both of our trips (Bangkok to Yangon and Mandalay to Chiang Mai) were scheduled via Skyscanner. We' ve made all our bookings through the hotels/guesthouses/hostels where we stayed. Usually this is quite simple and can be done until the last moment (except for the night from Yangon to Bagan Bus).

You' ll more than likely need a Myanmar visas to get to Myanmar. We' ve used the Lonely Planet travel guide to Myanmar to help us map our route. All of our accommodations are available through Agoda (as they are the lowest priced in Myanmar for us). They can browse their website by click on the link below, or you can browse the hotels/guesthouses/hostels I have lived in using the buttons provided in this article.

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