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The Security and Privacy Policy applies to this website operated by Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited. You can accept all functionalities of our websites by clicking through to further content on our pages. PULLIESTIC cooperates with countries in Southeast Asia, such as Myanmar, for website design, hosting and domain registration. The people of Myanmar believed that tea cultivation was first started and introduced during the Bagan era. Through the use or access to this website you agree to the conditions of this disclaimer.

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We also offer on-line advertisement (Facebook advertisement, Google advertisement and digital marketing) and graphics designing service (logo-designs, brochure-designs, pamphlets...). MMWD has designed websites and other value-added service for various types of businesses, as well as tourist agencies, hospitals and clinics, building, mail order, production, management consulting, on-line purchasing (eCommerce web development) and so on.

Currently we manage over 600 customer websites.

Myanmar: Asia's next ascending stars

Following the accession of the new Myanmar administration in 2016, it has declared the establishment of the country's infrastructures as one of its immediate priority areas. Under the first 100-day program, several departments revealed their plans to modernise the obsolete and reduce the lack of infrastructures. Official Publication.... the preparation is over!

An extensive overview of the various important trends as well as hands-on advice and reflections on doing operations in Myanmar. It is the first year that our working capitals specialists have assessed the working capitals relative to the value of the company - with interesting results. It provides insights into industries, areas and businesses of all scales.

Burma is one of the surviving fronttier marketplaces to become the next emerging Asian one. In the last five years, the federal administration has created the basic elements necessary to unlock the country's real power.


Myanmar's Netizens often have a one-of-a-kind way of searching for them. While most of the globe a poll in Google (or Bouidu if their goverment is not too keen on Google), here often look in Facebook. Because one of our key activities is webdesigning for Myanmar businesses and we always fully optimise the websites we build for our clients, we are inclined to think about it.

Looking briefly at Google Trends for the USA today shows what you would expect: Similar themes are being looked for in Myanmar, but many of them do so on Facebook. We' d better keep in mind that a lot of folks here use Google. Since there is relatively little Myanmar material that can be searched by searchengines, and because Facebook is so much loved here, Facebook searching is not necessarily a poor searcher.

The topic goes far beyond the quest. It is likely that if there is a fundamental ignorance of the main way of finding websites, it is likely that they will have problems on these websites as well. When it comes to web designing, it' s important to have an easy-to-use interface anywhere in the overworld. However, where a missing meal symbol could cause a small increase in the level of bounces in other marketplaces, it can render a website in Myanmar useless for a large number of population.

The UEFA Champions League Trophy and former Sweden and Asenal soccer legends Freddie Ljungberg were brought to Yangon by Heineken. There was an opportunity to guide Myanmar soccer supporters through a range of riddles and challenging situations they had to resolve before they could be invited to a game. We were the first to try it in Myanmar to the best of our ability.

We' d be liars if we said we weren't a little concerned that either nobody would be there or we were so full that we would have to turn down folks, but we used text message RSPP, so we were quite upbeat. Getting an invitation to the event was the first thing you did with an on-line soccer trivia.

There was a pretty easy logics behind it, three correctly rated issues and you got the directions and a place for the next one. After the website went online and they started taking the trivia test, we watched the Google Analytics of the website carefully. A lot of folks successfully completed the contest, and even more came through, but without enough theories.

But we could see that many of them were just trapped, some of them couldn't even make it through the old door. We' re not suggesting that there are illiterates here; as already stated, most folks had no problems with the interfac. Some of the folks who were probably pinned down just had problems with the connection to the web, an ubiquitous issue here (and one to keep in the back of your head when working in Myanmar web design).

However, we know that some folks simply didn't understand the file because we also watched Heineken's comments on it. With smart phones and wireless web schedules becoming less expensive and income rising, Myanmar is growing daily to become its websmen. However, many of these guys are really going to go live for the first real thing, so the learn curves are straight.

Just think, you come for the first and try to find out everything now. It' not surprising that someone who mainly uses Facebook has to fight with a website (or app). Stay here for some while and you will see that the Myanmar community is resolute and imaginative, so it was no wonder they found out the trivia quickly.

We saw puzzled viewers in real-time analysis returning to Facebook Mail to ask what to do. Prior to moderating, the fellowship performed and provided them with step-by-step tutorials. Of course, some folks have posting quick responses and snapshots from the last monitor, but that's to be found everywhere.

And we think this article (somewhat extensive - sorry!) gives a fairly good step-by-step guide on how to make good Myanmar website designs for a crowd of bulk-consumers. They are keen to reconnect in new and different ways, and they will find out very quickly. It is now mainly about getting out digitally in Myanmar.

and we had 279.

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