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Myanmar's most sacred sites

Myanmar, a land that has long been surrounded by secrets, has only recently come out of decade-long isolations under a militarily brutal regimen and has opened its frontiers to the tourist industry. Gold-plated candlesticks, step temple and abbeys add candlelight to the scenery and reveal a long religious traditions dating back to the first hundred B.C. Although there is no formal religious belief, it is believed that 90 per cent of the country's people practice Theravada Buddhism.

Over 100 communities live in Myanmar, and in recent years the regime has been reviewed for a worrying increase in the use of religion against Islamic and Orthodox minority groups, which includes the demolition of non-Buddhist sacred places.

Heath Dept Surveillance All Around Yangon Fire Site dumped pollen

Yangon Region Ministry of Health started a 24-hour surveillance of ambient temperature near the landfill on Tuesday, which has been burning for four nights as tens of individuals have gone to hospital and clinic for respiratory complaints. Khin Yupar Soe, M.D., M. D., Public Health Department's Hospital Chief of Staff, said to The Myanmar Times that surveillance of ambient temperature was started on Tuesday night to assess the levels of poisonous gas emitted into the outdoors.

On the basis of the results of the measurement, the Ministry of Public health will assess the risks of atmospheric contamination to the region's population, especially those suffering from bronchial and other respiratory ailments. Longer smoke exposure can cause pulmonary and airway damage, cautioned Dr. San Lwin Oo, Ph. D., Chief of Medicine, Hospital General Tharyar.

A minimum of five wards have been opened in the places most affected by smoking to ensure healthcare. Kyone Su Daw Lwin Mar lamented vertigo as Rauch wrapped her apartment. "We' re getting light-headed and not comfortable with the fumes that have surrounded us for the last four nights, especially at nights, when we sense the fumes that are suffocating us," she said.

Daw Khin Yupar Soe said the Ministry of Health is in stand-by and added that health care groups are prepared to help those affected by the fumes of the incineration in the landfill. Mr. Daw Khin Yupar Soe said that the section is prepared for urgent action, which includes the resettlement of persons at risk temporarily if the need arises.

Fire stays out of control and burns plastic, paper and other wastes that are deposited at the 17-year-old landfill. Than Aye U of the garbage yard said that every year during the hottest time of the year fire breaks out. One Myanmar Times reporter who went to the site said that the extent of the incineration is so large that the area and surrounding stations of the townships are shrouded in dense gray smok.

In spite of the use of more than 200 fire fighters and 100 reserve vehicles, as well as more than two dozens of fire trucks, the fire burned more than 100 hectares of the site, according to the firefighters. Former Tuesday's division declared that the excess fumes would influence the skies in Northern Okkalapa and Dagon Myothit North Townhips.

At present, the unit has sent small team of doctors and established warehouses to provide care in areas that could be affected by the over-carbonization. "Those most affected come from ward 20 (Hlaing Tharyar community). We also told the officers about possible ill effects of the smoke," said Daw Khin Yupar Soe.

The Yangon region's Minister of National Services, U Naingan Lin, met with civil servants from the Yangon region's Ministry of Public Works, the Yangon City Development Committee and other civil servants to discuss their responses to public and private sickness. We' ve also discussed collaboration with grassroots community organizations," said Daw Khin Yupar Soe. "When things get worse, we will move older people, expectant mothers and kids out of their houses for a while to more secure places like school in other areas not affected by smoke," she said.

Twenty-seven people with breathing difficulties due to smoking-poisoning were hospitalized between Monday and Tuesday afternoons. "Some of the people sent to our clinic are either pregant, older or have some medical conditions aggravated by the smoking. We' ve also been preparing bedding in case the number of people treated increases," Dr San Lwin Oo, director of Tharyar General Clinic on Tuesday, Myanmar Times said.

The Myanmar Times on Tuesday reported that two men were suffering from CO2 intoxication while two men were suffering from heavy respiratory asphyxiation from fumes. "Yesterday evening we had to help more than 50 persons with respiratory disorders both in the hospitals and in the health centres.

When they show serious symptoms, we are sending them to the hospital," said U Zaw Oo, ward 20 manager, one of the most affected entities in the community. This is not a big deal for those in good physical condition at the present time. The Mayor of Yangon City U Maung Maung Soe and the spokesman of the local parliament U Tin Maung Tun paid a visit to the fireplace.

It is reported that the nasty odor of smoking has spread to several stations in Insein, Hlaing, Mayangone, Shwepyithar, North Okkalapa and almost all parts of the town.

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