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Shaping Power, Rights and Dominance in Cyberspace

Deibert is Professor of Political Science and Director of the Citizen Lab at the Munk Centre for International Studies at the University of Toronto. Mr. Palfrey is Henry N. Ess II Professor of Law and Vice Dean of Library and Information Resources at Harvard Law School. Rohozinski is a principle at SecDev Group, a leading international strategic and research analyst group.

He is a der Harvard Law School und Autor von The Future of the Inter--And How to Stop It. Practice and policy of global filtering of the web (MIT Press, 2008).

Seismic Time Bomb - Robert Yeats

During a January 2010 press survey, Robert Yeats set off the alert in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, as an "earthquake timebomb ", a zone threatened by high levels of sediment. The following year a disastrous quake shook the town, killing over 100,000 people and causing a human catastrophe. A more promising image is provided by a description of the upcoming seasonal weather patterns in some towns.

It is an important read for political decision-makers, infrastructural and disaster planning professionals, academics, researchers, students and everyone who lives in the shadows of an quake, so that we can save our endangered citys betimes.

Myanmar Buddhist Art - Google Literature

Buddhist practices in Myanmar (Burma) have led to the creation of iridescent art since the fifth millennium. A lot of these plays have never been seen outside Myanmar. Myanmar's Buddhist art is certainly the most important source on this topic and sheds light on two thousand years of seldom seen masters.


It will take the post several months to get to Myanmar from the United States. Before you leave for Myanmar, you will receive a provisional postal adress, which you can use during the on-site schooling. Once you have been volunteered, your boyfriends and your relatives can post your website to you.

Myanmar has several mobile operators, but coverage may differ from location to location. Time-stamped mobile phones are cheap, but mobile phones from Myanmar to the US are costly. There is very little bandwidth available during on-site trainings and you should not count on having your computer connected every day. Following on-site schooling, most of our staff have the opportunity to connect to the web on a day-to-day base.

Wi-Fi sites and web sites can be found in the main cities of Myanmar. A small fee per month is paid to help provide a modest proportion of the use of the web. There is no volunteering in areas of recent upheaval. A volunteer is required to dive into their fellowship and undertake to remain in their fellowship for most of the time.

The volunteer lives in the municipalities in which they work and at the community levels of the individuals with whom they work. That means that often a volunteer does without most of the conveniences you are accustomed to. There' s no warranty for uninterrupted power or flowing tap current at your location and the toilet/shower options are very simple.

Voluntary shelters are thoroughly licensed by the Myanmar authorities and may comprise flats, small homes and communal homes. Volunteer accommodation varies from place to place and depends on location availabilities. The volunteer receives a basic grant in Myanmar's own money (Kyat), which is enough to support the population.

The volunteer is required to be at a similar standard to that of the home state. The use of Myanmar's bank accounts is at increased peril of possible identification fraud and some US commercial bank accounts limit use in the state. Myanmar's eating is cool and tasty.

One of the jokes is that Myanmar residents either have lunch, talk about what they have recently eaten, or plan what to have next. As the basic diet is travel, there is a wide range of foods for all types of meal. The Myanmar kitchen is rather greasy.

Self-cookers can prepare their own meals by purchasing meats, rices, vegetables and fruit from locally available grocery stores at their locations. Myanmar's mainline transport systems are bus, train and plane services. They are not allowed to drive or drive a car on the back of a motorcycle and are prevented from cycling in crowded and overloaded areas.

Travelling after nightfall is forbidden without previous approval. Yangon and some other towns are very busy and traveling in Myanmar is potentially dangerous. Lateness and cancellation due to poor meteorological condition, roads or airports, machine breakdowns or staff shortages are to be anticipated. Coach trips are particularly hard because coaches can be filthy, crowded and often not serviced well.

Further information about transport within Myanmar will be provided during the on-site school. As a result of official constraints, travelling within Myanmar for professional or private reasons has become more restricted and regulated. Burmese live in Myanmar and spending a great deal of quality leisure with family and closest mates. They will devote much of their free day to food, participate in Myanmar festival and culture and meet with their mates.

In Myanmar, football and stickball are very common sport. In Myanmar, there are a number of customs to be followed regarding the dates you will be learning about during the pre-service course. In Myanmar, please be ready to lead a completely different kind of welfare and spending most of your free day in your fellowship with your peers and neighbours, not with other volunteers or aliens.

In Myanmar, residents generally dressed quite neat and conservative, especially in small cities and communities. Teaching staff are required to be voluntary examples and must respect and adhere to community clothing quality of work. State schoolteachers are wearing a uniforms to class - a blanket (women) or shirts (men) and a longgyi (men and women) - and are required to have them.

The same clothes as the other instructors will earn you the respects of your classmates and pupils, which you as a instructor must accept and take seriously. Men volunteers should know that long hairdos, mustaches and mustaches and earrings are less often and less cultureally acceptable to Myanmar's men, especially in the countryside.

They have the obligation and prerogative to establish the benchmark for themselves and the following contributors. A volunteer is required to meet the following ethical standards: Always show respectfulness to the Myanmar peoples and cultures. Aspire to become integrated into your fellowship and Myanmar communities by sharing more of your free hours with Myanmar coworkers and associates than with other Americans and expats.

Finally, Myanmar's educators are held in high regard and are seen as examples to their people. It is a statute of great importance in terms of culture and religion, and it is important that the volunteer should be conscious that outside their education they are primarily seen as schoolteachers.

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