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Rohingya villages that UN investigators can't visit. Rachingya is still fleeing violence, persecution in Myanmar: The Maday Islanders also have various difficulties with the Chinese deep sea port. After a waiting period of almost two years, Bulker auctions at Alang. Cookies are used to personalize the website and to offer you the greatest added value.


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Burma News and results

Aung Thu, Myanmar forward, is the youngest to join Police Tero to take advantage of the new ASEAN league squad. The Philippines have missed their opportunity to secure their place in the 2019 AFC Asian Cup as they have scored a 0-0 tie in Nepal and now have to await March.

After securing their place in the 2019 AFC Asian Cup, India will continue their 12 games against Myanmar, who need a game. Viet Nam are on the brink of reaching the 2019 AFC Asian Cup after taking the lead in Group B with a 5-0 defeat of Cambodia.

Dangda was back on the schedule when Thailand gave way in Mandalay with a 3-1 win over their neighbour Myanmar. Younghusband drew for the Philippines at home in Yemen when India and Vietnam qualified for the 2019 Asian Cup on Tuesday evening. Capt. Adib Zainuddin is worried that Malaysia are still scoring against Indonesia in Shah Alam on Saturday in preparation for the semi-final of the SEA Games.

Ong Kim Swee says it's more important to get results than to play nice soccer, as the undefeated Malaysians are looking forward to Saturday's semi-final. Striker S. Kumaahran cautioned Malaysia against any smugness as they were looking for a victory over the Laos Moors to reach the top of Group A in the SEA games.

Ong Kim Swee says two goals heroes N. Thanabalan are Malaysia's "delicacy" after a 3-1 victory over Myanmar in the semi-finals of the SEA Games. Myanmar defeated Malaysia 3-1 on Monday evening in SEA Games Soccer in Shah Alam to reaffirm their semi-final position and put them in the top of Group A. Midfielder Syamer Kutty Abba forecasts that Malaysia will be more successful when they play Myanmar in an SEA Games Krunch game on Monday.

Malaysian trainer Ong Kim Swee warned his side when they won Myanmar forward Aung Thu in SEA Games Group A on Monday evening. After the SEA Games victories in a row, Malaysia may be in high demand, but on Monday they are getting ready for a test of their characters against Myanmar.

"Irfan Fandi, Singapore defence counsel from the SEA in Malaysia, said: "The criticisms affect everyone, you sometimes see it after a game. The Singapore ans got off to a frustrating start in the 2017 SEA matches when Aung Thu scored a 2-0 victory for Myanmar in Kuala Lumpur on Monday. Singapore striker Ikhsan Fandi and Malaysian Syafiq Ahmad will fight for the right to the SEA matches, Nicolas Anil wrote.

Adam Swandi was accepted into Singapore's Southeast Asian side, although he damaged ankles in Home United. Singapore's hope of winning the AFC U23 Championship in January was dashed by their 2-0 defeat to Myanmar in qualifying on Wednesday evening. Singapore's hope of winning the AFC U23 Championship in January was dashed by their 2-0 defeat to Myanmar in qualifying on Wednesday evening.

Ong Kim Swee says the doors are open to miss the JDT, Pahang and Penang star Malaysia in the AFC U23 qualifying next weekend in Bangkok. A 2-0 win over Myanmar U23 in a Thursday evening friendlies match in Shah Alam gave the Malay U23 a surge of trust for the coming series.

Kim Swee acknowledges that the interrupted build-up of the AFC U23 qualifying campaign in Bangkok next weekend is "not what we wanted" before the SEA games. Thuesday was a good evening for much of Southeast Asia in qualifying for the 2019 Asian Cup, with the Philippines, Cambodia and Myanmar all beaten.

After a 1-1 draw with Myanmar in a friendlies match on Tuesday, Singapore left trainer V. Sundramoorthy happily behind before Saturday's qualifying session.

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