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??????????? ????????????. Myanmar Flights is a convenient website for searching and booking flights within Burma. Its off-beaten location makes it one of the best Buddhist sites in Myanmar. Asian specialist Hannah presents her selection of the most important temples outside of Bagan. Learn more about Burma (Myanmar) on our blog.

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Twenty-eight year old Naw Htike Htike Htun lives the wonderful work of a thousand year old Myanmar woman - touring the globe and making stories for the people. Naw Htike Htike Htun, a celebrity online traveller recently launched at MRTV-4, is at the forefront of a rising Myanmar based traveller blogsite. On Facebook pages, blogs like Nu Myat (Nu Myat Around the World), May Zun (Iove Travelling ), Khin Myat (My Khayee) and Aye Chan (ACM The Traveller) have found Myanmar fans with their breathtaking images and in-depth description of the goals they have been to.

However, none boasts the Naw Htike Htike Htun plattform, whose contributions produce over 6,000 matches and over 5,000 stocks on a regular basis. With a Go Pro and the letter in Myanmar, the SMCA gives advice on places in and around Myanmar. Became a traveller blogs? A friend of mine proposed that I create my own travelogue page, and now, a year later, I have over 100,000 fans.

I' ve never thought of myself as a bloogger. Others have begun to call me that. I think I only share my travels because it is difficult to find information for the Myanmar residents to visit their own countrym. Unlike trips abroad - where you can usually only search your holiday destinations for information - Myanmar does not have a large Internet site.

Do you think the only way to get your blogs is on facebook? I had planned it for almost a year to help aliens (because my page on my site is in Burmese only). So far I have completed 28 book review articles, and everyone can read them in Myanmar or English on my website. In your opinion, why should the Myanmar tribe go abroad?

Therefore, Myanmar's citizens should go outside their home base to experience different civilizations, races, lifestyles, natural environments, etc. Journey is study. I would say in Myanmar, all the places I have been to are my favorite (laughs). I would say the trip to Doi Inthanon International Park is my favorite. I' ve got some souvenir souvenirs that aren't very well known, but I won't tell you what it is - it's a big one.

Which hints do you have for Myanmar-travelers? Overall, just make sure that the things you are traveling with are things you need to take and not additional charges. I' m using Jovago, a Myanmar user application for mythmar. It can be reread in Burmese and the cost is based on Myanmaryat, which makes it very useable.

I usually have a Nikon D7000 for the camera. I have used a GoPro Hero 4 for luggage abroad and I really commend it. Are you a traveller making moneys? This gives me the liberty and flexilibility to move around a great deal. However, all my reports from abroad were courtesy of organizers.

Since it can be hard to get out of Myanmar for the first trip, I choose to go through a firm. When traveling locally, I use my own money.

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