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Burma forum sites are a little different than others, and Myanmar online culture was not yet mature at that time: "The zawgyi-one font that enabled people to write on their blogs in Myanmar was created two years before I started my blog. Read more on Lucas Stewart's Voices Blog. Mail, Gmail and various free blog hosting sites and discussion forums. We meet the expectations of the people of Myanmar by creating opportunities for education, English learning and cultural exchange.

The Myat Thura: Burma Technology Blog

I came across another new Myanmar blog with useful and interesting items on it. Myanmar Technology, the blog, has a library of computer and related article and other useful titties and bitmaps, all in Myanmar. The site is only for the Myanmar public, as it is completely in Myanmar.

Myanmar Computer Journals, a favorite computer and IT magazine in Myanmar. You can find the Myanmar Computer Journals here. You can also find a list of other ebooks that have been published in Myanmar. This page is for those who want to read e-books about technology from Myanmar.

Myanmar Times | The Force of the Blogging

However, for Nay Phone Latt, nothing was more serious than to suffer the pain of being beaten back by editors every new year. I' ve written several tales and sent them to publishing houses, but they were so often rejected," said Nay Phone Latt. He said that the first journalist he saw pointed to a small pile of paper on his desktop, and said that his script would be filled in below if he wanted to do it.

In 2007, however, I did meet a colleague on a business visit to Singapore who asked me to write my own blog and write my own story on it," he explained to The Myanmar Times. Latt Nay Phone has made a blog named The City That I Have Dropped and begun publishing shorts, 10 of which appeared in printed form last August.

"To write a blog entry is different from to write a printed article where the authors have to be rejected by an editorial or censors. However, blogs have to publish and mark their own stories," he said. Myanmar was not the first Myanmar to try to blog.

Prior to starting to blog, authors such as Nyi Linn Satt and Naing Naing Sanay had blogged with their own committed readership. "There were not many Yangon cafés in 2007 and it still lags behind most other places in the use of cybertechnology. However, Myanmar's shortage of web space did not prevent people from expanding their blog audience.

After returning from Singapore, Nay Phone Latt opened an online cafe in Yangon, while the small, activistic group of "netizens," as Blogger and other common web surfers have become known in China, had already produced Myanmar writings to extend the range of Myanmar readers. "In Myanmar, two years ago, before I began my blog, the typeface zawgyi-one was developed that allowed them to post on their blog.

Complimentary blog sites have also always been available on-line, so many people have created bloggers," he added. However, a great asset of blogging is its diversity, Nay Phone Latt said to us. None two blog are alike; some have bloggers writing about their everyday life in diaries, while others have long blog entries with them.

"In those days, young people often went abroad to go to university and work when the land could not offer appealing employment opportunities," Nay Phone Latt commented. The people who did this were quickly confronted with the wealth of information that the web provided. "The people who studied and worked abroad were hungry for Myanmar related books. They began looking for Myanmar authors' histories and blog posts that provided insights into the Myanmar issue while hoping for change," he said.

"We had a special fellowship of folks who back then sponsored a blog and enjoyed reading them. It' very heartening to see their commentaries on my stories," he said. Soon after Myanmar Blogger Society (MBS) was founded by Myanmar Blogger at home and abroad in 2007.

The Nay Phone Latt went back to Yangon and on September 1 of this year the group hosted a "Why are we blogging" workshop in Yangon's Yangon district, where they presented to the locals how to blog. Nay Phone Latt's blog provided important information for overseas the Saffron Revolution. "On February 20, 2009, a Yangon tribunal cut Nay Phone Latt's sentence by eight and a half years, so that he is in jail for 12 years.

In December 2008, while in prison, Nay Phone Latt was honored with the Zarganar of Reporters Without Borders in the "Cyber-Dissident" series. In 2010, he also won the PEN/Barbara Goldsmith Freedom to Write Award, which honours authors who bravely campaigned for the right to free speech.

He soon rejoined the other blogs after his 2012mnesty. "The group wants to raise young people's consciousness of how the web can be used.

I didn't want to go on with MBS because it only involved Blogger. That' s why I have renamed the Myanmar Blogs Society to Myanmar ICT for Development Organisation (MIDO)," he said. Now MIDO offers essential computer and multimedia trainings for young people in isolated areas of Myanmar to improve their computer skills.

However, until the communication infra-structure is improved and the governance is improving accessibility to the web, MIDO can do little to improve the web presence of Myanmar's peasant youths. However, Nay Phone Latt said that some Facebook members found it difficult to adhere to ethics when Facebook made postings and comments simple for everyone.

"A number of people publish objectionable images and contents with conscious aggression. I' m seeing unaccountable settings that are different from those of blogs and blog readers," he said.

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