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Work and live in Myanmar. Come to Myanmar (Burma), have a wonderful time and win an extra day. Learn more in this fascinating blog. Erin O'Connor, a Red Cross nurse, is currently a hospital project manager at the International Committee of the Red Cross in Myanmar. Other topics on our blog.

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Burma is a secret jewel of Southeast Asia; its mighty country, ruled by shrines and palagodas, is relatively unknown to the tourist. This year, if you are going to Myanmar, here is a brief summary of what you need to know. Myanmar's total populations are over 47 million, with about three fourths of the country side and the rest in the cities of Yangon, Mandalay and Moulmein.

Burma consists of over 100 indigenous groups; about two third of Myanmar's people are Burmese (ethnically near Tibetans and Chinese) and other minority groups that make up the other third. Burma is full of nature and landscapes, but it is the soft, humourous and curious natives and their noteworthy tradition that will be the real highlights of your itinerary.

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Myanmar Luxury Travel Guide

If I' m looking for luxurious trips in Asia, which are my ideas? Perhaps you are dreaming of cruising in Halong Bay or just relax in a crown of trees in a Bali Forrest? What about Myanmar? In recent years, this former paria state has moved more and more into the spotlight of tourist traffic, and investments in the tourist sector continue to soar.

But it is not only contemporary developments that make Myanmar a great place for vacation. Myanmar is the decade and secret of the country's old past and people' memories of its people. Myanmar's luxurious tour guides give you a foretaste of the pulsating blend of luxurious adventures in 3 of the country's most loved tourist attractions.

The top picks for accommodations in Yangon is the stunning Strand Park located opposite the Yangon River. Recently we introduced this great resort in our range of top Indochina properties for its colorful rural beauties, which have been maintained or expanded since 1901. For us, to eat luxurious food means freshness, high value products and a singular atmosphere in which you can savour them.

At Yangon, where there are many high-quality restaurants, we like to go to 19. road to have a barbeque. Golden Land of Myanmar' is revived among the golden sanctuaries of Yangon, the country's largest town. Burma's Buddhist temple's golden leafy exterior and diamond-set towers will amaze even the most tired traveler.

It is recommended that you walk through the well-ordered inner city of Yangon to see the Sule Pagoda the first time you come and then walk for an entire aftersun. At Yangon you can wind your way through the former capitol with a qualified Yangon Heritage Trust traveler.

Immerse yourself in the town' s rich heritage with tales and narratives from all periods of the story and get to know a little of what makes Yangon so captivating today, with a truly expert leader at your side. It is also the ideal place to buy unforgettable Myanmar memorabilia at the busy Bogyoke Market.

With colorful and soft screens to delicious samples of lacquered goods, Myanmar is full of craftsmanship and tradition you'll want to take home with you. The Aureum Palace Hotel is located in the middle of the bursting temple of the Bagan Archaeological Preservation Zone and fits wonderfully into its historical area. Featuring 5* amenities and superlative spas just a few paces from Bagan's stunning sights, you can't expect to spend more time in this town.

Entrance to the Bagan Temple is as private as possible and in the magnificent Aureum Palace you can eat and drink in class while looking out over the temple, which is illuminated against the nights. Celebrate Bagan's rich heritage and magical past while enjoying a celebration worthy of Myanmar's royal highness and a wide range of Moroccan folk songs and dances.

Number one of the flamboyant activities in all of Myanmar is the ballooning over Bagan and what an adventure it is. There' s no other way to get such a spectacular view of the thousand sanctuaries spread across the Bagan landscape than in a hot-air-baloon.

Combine this with a gold dawn and a hot air bubble bath and you' ve had the final luxurious event before 9am. Whilst a sundown over the temple is certainly not to be miss, the sundown on the Ayeyarwady River can be a climax of your journey to Bagan.

Featuring a cocktail in your hands, and your tour guides around you, enjoying the tranquil ambience as the waters around you turn to golden. The Popa Mountaineer Resort offers a breathtaking view of the plain of Bagan and the enchanting peak of the Taungkalat shrine while enjoying a cocktail in the swimming pools or on your own terrace.

If you want to rest your mind in Inle, you want to find a motel that reflects the tranquil ambience of the lakes. Sanctum Inle Resort, designed to look like the tranquillity of a buddhistic convent, but with luxurious comforts. Inle has one of the best places to eat right on the shores of the lakeside, with a hydroponics park and privately run cooks.

The Inle Heritage Restaurant is situated in an old teenage cottage on the south end of the shore and is known for its traditional local cuisine. Newcomers to Inle Lakes are building their houses on stilt piers over its shallows, rowing their vessels to go fishing in its centre and growing their products in swimming pools on its shelter.

Over the past few years, the flow of tourists has seen an upsurge in all new ways to earn an incomes on the lagoon with intoxicating boating trips to see craft businesses sell locally produced goods. Visiting artisanal craft mills, get involved creatively with silversmithing, use the area' s gems in their custom jewelry, and find one-of-a-kind float floral materials and take home memorabilia that will forever keep your memory of this beauty.

Inle is a great place to enjoy local wine while looking over the lakes and mountain scenery. Situated in the gentle hilly countryside around an area of lakeside inlets, Red Mountain Winery's inspirational staff have made a wonderful place among the vines to enjoy drinking, eating and meeting new people.

Leave the well-trodden trail and head for the extreme southern part of Lake Inle to explore the stunning Indein Stupawald. So if you've been inspire by this guidebook, talk to our expert travelers today to build your own luxurious Myanmar route with these extraordinary adventures or explore our customizable itineraries.

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