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The Ngapali Beach Myanmar, one of the most beautiful beaches in Asia. Myanmar's mysticism is indescribable and undeniable at the same time, from the serenity of Lake Inle to the spectacle of the Bagan temples. Guidebook to the most important sights in Myanmar, by Insider Journeys. What is the second and last week of our Myanmar adventure? It'?

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MyMyanmar is our blog for travels. Keep up to date with the latest news, event news, trend news, travel advice and stunning pictures from our state. Anyone in Myanmar will answer Mount Victoria if you tell them about Chin. This is the highest summit of the Chin state and the most frequented place in the area.

But Chin State has much more to boast than just the masses. The way to Chin is not simple and often not possible in the wet seasons when some streets are just flushed away. Would you like to know more about Myanmar Travel?

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