Myanmar Iso Country Code

Burma Iso country code

The MMR is the three-letter country code for Myanmar. What is Burma (ISO country code, now Myanmar)? The MMR stands for Burma (ISO country code, now Myanmar). Country code for international calls to Myanmar. The Myanmar area code is Myanmar.

2-Letter, 3-Letter, country codes for all countries of the globe

Please note that the 2-letter code listed below is provided by ISO (International Organization for Standardization). The Commission shall base its country lists and acronyms on the UN lists of nationalities. UN also uses 3-letter and numeric code to help identifying the nation, and these are shown below.

You can also find international prefixes for international calling below.

Burma Country Code

For Myanmar, use the country code +95 followed by the country number you want to call. Burma is in Asia and uses Kyat. The country has around 53 437 159 residents, 556 000 fixed lines and 5 440 000 mobile telephone use. It' the same period as in your town.

%per hour(s) outside your town. hour (s) behind your town. Summertime: It' the same period as in your town. %per hour(s) outside your town. hour (s) behind your town. Summertime: Country code +95 indicates that the telephone number you want to call is Myanmar in Asia.

You should be fully cognizant that you are speaking Myanmar (officially) before calling Myanmar. Please find the precise position of this country code on the map below.

Burma Country Code | Myanmar Area Code

Countrycode for: Below you will find the country code for Myanmar for calls from abroad. Myanmar area code is +95. The country code is necessary to call in Myanmar from another country, together with the area code. Also, if you call in Myanmar, an area code unique to the country you are calling from should be added before the country code of Myanmar.

Which is a country code? Countrycodes are brief alphabetical or numerical geographic code (geocodes) designed to depict country and related areas for computing and telecommunications. Country code often relates to global dialling prefixes / ISD numbers.

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