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Map of Myanmar Islands

Mergui Archipelago is an archipelago in the extreme south of Myanmar (Burma) and belongs to the Tanintharyi region. View reviews and photos of islands in Myanmar, Asia on TripAdvisor. Cards of the Mergui (Myeik) archipelago in southern Burma (often called Burma). However, due to improper governance, the British transferred the Coco Islands to the government of Lower Burma and eventually became part of British Burma. SNORKELING & KYAKING IN MYANMAR.

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Mergui Archipel ( "Myeik Archipelago" or Myeik Kyunzu; Burmese: ?????????????) is an island in the extreme south of Myanmar (Burma) and belongs to the Tanintharyi region. The island is made up of more than 800 islands, all located in the Andaman Sea off the west coast of the Malay Peninsula near its land (northern) end, where it connects to the remainder of Indochina.

The islands are sometimes also known as Pashu Islands because the local people of Malaysia are known as Pashu. The islands are mainly characterised by lime and rock. This area is also important for the migration of whales[2][3] and the "Whale Bay" in the eastern part of Kanmaw Kyun has been described as a historic presence of numerous cetaceans.

4 ][5] This diversity comprises bryde cetaceans, omura cetaceans, occasionally bluewhales, minke cetaceans, Gurtzahnwale and right whales,[6] bottlenose and irra-waddy cetaceans. The islands themselves are home to various species of animal, such as stags, monkeys, tropic fowl such as rhinoceroses and boars. We even have unacknowledged accounts of Sumatran rhinos on Lanbi, one of the larger islands, but this has been largely disrepute.

Myanmar's present state peace and development council has not done much to solve these issues. Kadan Kyun is the biggest and highest of the islands with 767 meters[7] over the Myeik canal. The other important islands are: This area was only opened to international tourists in 1997 after Myanmar and Phuket diving companies in Thailand negotiated.

The best dive sites are from December to April, from February to May. The 1965 James Bond movie Thunderball, by Ernst Stavro Blofeld, calls on NATO to reimburse the SPECTRE organisation for 100 million pounds of impeccable diamond in the Mergui Archipelago off the Myanmar coastline.

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