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Aka the Mid Miscos, these islands are located at the northernmost point of the archipelago, off the coast of Maungmagan Beach. Days passed in a succession of islands, beaches and villages. The Mergui (or Myeik) archipelago lies off the southern coast of Myanmar (formerly Burma). It consists of hundreds of islands with coral reefs and beaches. Kawthoung, the southernmost city of Myanmar (Burma).

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The best of Myanmar or the best of Myanmar,,,,,,, Hello everyone, Can anyone point me in the right directions for the best Myanmar beaches? The best beaches or islands,,,,,, More accessible beaches are..... My favourite one, or isle, is Maungmakan, near Dawei in the southern part of the city. It is a long way from Yangon, the most beloved and easily accessible is Chaunghta, where you can find our guest house.

Greatest shore or isle,,,,,, 4th Re: Bester Strand or Isle,,,,, I see that it is a very long ride to Maungmagan (Dawei) or Ngapali, since I don't have so much in the way, does anyone know the flying hours to these goals of Yangon? Dawei-Yangon is the best place or isle,,,,, There are Dawei-Yangon connections every day (90 mins, $125).

It is an hours drive from Dawei by Tuk-Tuk or Motorbike to the beaches of Maungmakan. Situated on the shore at DKPC bungalow, US$25. 6. 7th best beachside or isle,,,,,,,, Thanks for the information, can't stay to go in February. Bester Strand oder Insel,,,,,, This thread has been made inactive.

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Sandoway (14 hours from Yangon along the Rakhine Yoma Mountains ) is named Sandoway by the British, is a town and an important sea harbour in Myanmar. As an important entrance harbour to the wonderful Ngapali Beach and the old Mrauk UC.

It' a 3,784 sq. m. area. Arakan Mountains send out runners reaching the coastline. Several of the summits in the northern hemisphere have reached 4,000ft or more. Its creeks are alpine brooks only a few kilometres from the shore; the estuary of the Khwa River provides a good anchoring site for ships with a draft of 9 to 10ft.

The Ngapali Beaches (7 km from Thandwe, 45 minutes by plane from Yangon) is a wonderful, uncultivated stretch of land that extends for about three kilometres in the municipality of Thandwe in the state of Rakhine. It' probably Myanmar's most favourite sea resort. Nowadays Ngapali is known for its untouched and unspoilt nature. It has a smooth sandy bottom with lots of cocos.

Ngapali is said to have been called after Naples, Italy, by a homeless Italians. It' a nice place for sun bathing and leisure pursuits such as walks on the beaches, biking and so on. In contrast to other beloved beaches in Asia, it is free of tumultuous beaches in the city, masses of people and intrusive traders. It'?s a clear shore.

They are shipped to Yangon and across the world. This is the best period to explore this sandy area from October to May. It is not a small sandy area, but a row of beaches with small fishermen's towns that extend from Mazin, where the airfield is situated, to Lontha on Mayo Bay, where the coasters moor in a shelter.

There is a small twisty asphalt track that winds about 20 kilometres along the Mazin to Lontha coastline, running through the town of Ngapali, Shwewa Gyaing, Myabyin, Lontha and several other small towns located between the beaches and the coastal hill. There is a course next to the street near the Ngapali town.

Mandalay Air and the Myanmar Airways administration operate flights to Ngapali on alternating weekdays. There is a calm sea in the hill behind the Strand Beach Hotel, which is actually a dam with water of the sea, where you can go fishing but not swimming. Pony rides are available on the beaches.

Motorized fishermen' yachts can be rented for excursions to some of the islands off the shore or simply for angling near the shore. A number of travellers like to travel on Trishaw's, which is driven by locals with two back passenger seating on the side. a 18-hole course in Ngapali.

Ngapali Strand Beach Hotel has forty-four one-storey chalets with two bedrooms and baths in each of them. The Kyaukpyu (400 km SE of Yangon) is a city in the west of Myanmar on the Bengal Gulf shore. Situated in the Combermere Bay in the southern part of the city, Ramree is a small port that links the travel industry between Calcutta and Yangon.

The Kyaukphyu area is located in the state of Rakhine in Untermyanmar. Located on the east shore of the Bay of Bengal. Ramree and Cheduba with many others in the southern part, off the Thandveh. The Kanthaya Beach Spa (about 200 kilometres from Yangon and 100 kilometres from Ngapali ) is developing into Myanmar's most advanced area.

This 4000 foot long sandy spot has gorgeous clear sea, palms and silvery sands. There is a course and a resorts with costly bungalows under construction. Cantthayar means "Pleasant beach". "It is situated in the state of Rakkhine (Arakan) about 16 leagues due to the small city of Gwa.

Kanthayar, like its more prominent neighbour Ngapali 65 leagues further to the North, was created with the proactive cooperation and help of the Tatmadaw, the Myanmar armed forces. From a tranquil fishermen's town, Ngapali became a favourite seaside town during the reign of the armed forces in the 1950'.

Kantayar was "found" on the instigation of the commander of the Western Command, whose headquarters are located in Sittwe (Akyab) further on the same coastline to the south. The Kanthayar Beach Resort was opened by Lt-Gen in 1995. You can reach Kanthayar by road from Yangon.

From Yangon via the new Bayinnaung River in West Yangon to the new borough of Thayar, it is only an hour's ride to Nyaungdon, where the Irrawaddy River has to be crossed by the Irrawaddy River in a 45-minute journey. In 1998, the third Irrawaddy-Bo Myat Tun bridge, which connects Nyaungdon and Setkaw, was to be finished to shorten the journey and facilitate a trip to the cities of the Irrawaddy Delta and the Rakkhine Coast, where Kanthaya is in.

Shortly after abandoning Nga-thaing Gyaung, the highway rises over the south end of the Rakkhine Yoma crest for about 47 nautical mile until it descends to the seaside city and Gwa Fishery Centre in Rakkhine State. Coming from Gwa, the highway leads along the beautiful coastline between the ocean and the crest of a hill, about half an hours to the north, until Kanthayar is arrived.

All in all it is about 125 kilometres from Yangon to Kanthayar, and the highway is quite good, as it is extended every year. Landscapes range from low rice fields, ponds and streams, across hilly areas and woods, to the sea and sand beaches, some of which are bordered by small islands.

If you are looking for adventure, there is an alternate way to Kanthayar, which is combined with a trip to the famous bathing town of Ngapali. You can fly by plane from Yangon to Thandwe or Sandoway in about half an hours and rent a vehicle from there to get to Kanthayar, a three-hour cruise along the entire coastline.

The Ngwe Saung Resort (48 kilometres from Pathein in the Irrawaddy River Division, about five hours by car from Yangon) was opened in 2000. Situated on the Bay of Bengal, it has clear water, clear water, whitewashed, sandy beaches and unspoilt and environmentally friendly nature. Zee-Maw Village in the northern part to Majee-Maw Village in the southern part, the silver Ngwe Saung Strand extends in an uninterrupted line for about 13 kilometres, with occasionally cliffy coastlines, against the scenery of rainforests and the mighty Rakhine peak.

It is also known as Silver Beaches and is one of the longest beaches in Asia. The Chaung Thar Beaches (240 kilometres from Yangon, 40 kilometres western of Pathein in the Irrawaddy Division) is an appealing, broad sandy area with a slimy deltas look. There are not only palm cocos but also casuarina's tree on the back of the bath.

There are two small islands off the coast. Chaung Thar Beach's shrimp recipes are tasty and famous. Along the shore there are bungalows equipped with the latest comforts. Chakotay Thar is the next seaside town in Yangon. He can be contacted from Yangon by street in half a days and became famous at the end of the 90s.

There' are 13 of Chaung Thar's more. The most famous are the Max Hotel, the Lai Lai Hotel, the Ambo Hotel and the Khine Chaung Thar. It is possible to take an oxcart tour along the long sand beaches. Two-minute cruise on Pho Kalar Island for 200 kyat per passenger.

There' s a small town on the isle with coconut and dry fish. On this side of the isle, the waters are cleaner. The Phyu Islands (accessible from Chaung Thar) is also known as White Sand Islets. "Chaung Thar is a 15-minute drive from the beach to the dock.

There' s a sanctuary on the isle. It' an isle of whiteness because of the cluster of scallops on the coast. Myanmar's other beaches are Letkhokekon Beach (Kungyangon Township, Yangon Division), Setse Beach (Mudon Township, Mon State) and Maungmagan Beach (Launglon Township, Taninthayi Division). In Myanmar, Tanintharyi Divison borders Mon State to the N, Thailand to the E and the Andaman Sea to theE.

The Tanintharyi Division covers a long thin coastline that extends as far as Kawthaung, the southernmost point of Myanmar, and as far as the Malaya Peninsula. Its coastline is littered with islands such as the Heinze Group, the Maung Magan Group and the Mergui or Mergui Archipelago, which includes more than 800 wonderful and appealing islands.

Davei (384 leagues southward of Yangon) is a harbour of middle importance and coastal city in the Tanintharyi Division. Most worshipped are the Shin Motehti Pagoda, a few kilometers southwards of the city, the Shin Datweh Pagoda in the northern part and the Shin Maw Pagoda on the Dawei Mull.

Moungmagan (15 km north west of Dawei) is a wonderful bathing place in Thanintharyi Division, known for its tasty crisper. Small-sized boat mahlay is 18 ft long and is used for angling within 10 NM of the water. Fishers in the hamlet of Moungmagan are loading their vessels with groceries and other necessities for a day or two of angling by the ocean.

Most of the time, according to prevailing meteorological conditions, fishers go out to the open ocean at dusk and come back to their villages after having caught a large enough amount of them. Kettabaung Ngakunshut (mackerel) and Ngaleikkyauk are available for sale at the maung magan fishmarket in the mornings.

So Maungmagan Beach is lively, because the fishermen and their fishermen return to the seaside after a single sleep and prepare to return to the open water in the afternoons. Kawthäung (800 kilometres from Yangon and 2,000 kilometres from the northernmost tip of the country) is the most southern city in Myanmar.

Previously known as Victoria Point, it is one of the harbors of entrance to Myanmar and is only divided from Thailand by a wide mouth in the Pakchan Riviera. Beyond the riverbank is the frontier city of Ranong. The Htay Kyun (Boss Island) is only 10 min. away from Kawthaung. Andaman Club is situated on the island of Zadakale (St. Luke).

The Htay Kyun has beaches, but its coastline is too rugged to swim. It' possible to go to islands near by and discover some of the corals where only a few have been. There are some islands populated by salons or sea gypsies who circumnavigate the islands and are known by different name.

Peopleui Achipelago (southern Myanmar near Thailand) is a chain of 800 mostly inhabited islands with breathtaking sandy beaches and beautiful beaches of nomadic nature (Moken or Selung), similar to the Similan Islands in Thailand. Mengui Islands covers an area of about 14,000 sq m.

The majority are granitic islands with jungles. A lot of travellers come to the islands with a sailing yacht or a long tail vessel. Since then, the islands have not really moved much, except that the rhinoceroses and sharks are gone. Myanmar fisherman are living on stilts in the woods near the beaches. We will see if the islands will be as untouched as they are today.

Myeik Archipelago is located on the south Taninthayi Division of Myanmar (formerly known as Tennesarim Coastline of Burma). The Pearl lsland is the spring for high grade gems. The Taninthayi town is located on an islet at the estuary of the Tannintharyi River. From Yangon, passengers can take the three carriers Myanmar Airways, Air Mandalay and Yangon Airway to Kawthaung.

The flight from Yangon to Kawthaung lasts about one and a half hour. Meik (just off the coast of Myanmar's mainland) is the only major city in the Mengui Archipelago, also known as Mergui City, is located on a huge lake and is a dozy fishermen's village, but was once an important harbour in the Indian Ocean.

The island of Pula Nala is home to Marghon Galet, a town where the administration has tried to establish a municipality of Moken. It' kind of an art town. Lanpi Island has the shape of a fisherman' s hooks and is as big as Singapore or Phuket. It is a hilly and mostly unpopulated area with mangrove and tea tree woods on its beaches.

St. Luke lsland has a beautiful sandy shore on its northern side, surrounded by thick woods of macaws, apes and monitors. The Elephant Islands is a stunning karstic isle, also known as Pan Daung, which lies next to other karstic islands. There is a Myanmar fishermen' s hamlet and a logaroom that can only be accessed through a cavern in a rock.

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