Myanmar Isd Code

Isd Code

Mandate/Country Code for Myanmar. You must first select the country code of your country, then the country code and area code. This Mobile Country Code Resource Guide gives you the Myanmar Mobile Code and shows you how to call a Myanmar mobile phone from India. Below are the procedures and area codes for international calls to Myanmar's mobile and landline networks. There are roaming charges for using your phone outside Myanmar.

Calling Myanmar from India

Below you will find the dial-up process to call Myanmar from India. Here you will find information on how to make an overseas call from India to Myanmar. In order to make a call to Myanmar directly from India, you must dial the number in the country using the dial number formats specified in the message field below.

Same dialling code for calls from India to Myanmar. If you want to call Myanmar from India, dial: Primary - There are 35 primaries in Myanmar. When there is a Myanmar metropolitan area code, call code after dialling ISD.

In the absence of an area code, call the recipient's telephone number after the ISD area code. Calling a cell phone number in Myanmar from India: Burma ISD Code : Myanmar's country code or ISD code is 95. There' re 35 primary elections in Myanmar. They need to know the area code of Myanmar to make an overseas call from India to Myanmar.

Awareness of the timing differences between Myanmar and India to plan phone conversations to prevent unforeseen phone outages. Actual times in India : Actual Peruvian times :

Myanmar area code - How to reach Myanmar, make and receive my international phone calls in Myanmar

Below are the procedures and area code for making and receiving myanmar's landline and cellular networks. When you call Myanmar from abroad, whether you are on a landline or your cellular telephone, the dialling process is the same. Myanmar's dial numbers and dialling formats are :

Myanmar's Myanmar Subscriber Code (ISD Code) is 95. The ISD code is also known as the Countrycalling Code. You can use the following example to know the rules for dialling a number in Myanmar and making phone bookings to Myanmar. Export code or passcode of a state is the code required for making and receiving phone numbers from that state.

Locate the area code of the destination before you call Myanmar. To find the area code of various Myanmar towns and places, use the search field below. There' re 35 primary elections in Myanmar. The prefixes in Myanmar are usually in one or two figures. If you are in Myanmar from abroad, you must call the ISD area code followed by the area code and the number.

Below is a listing of area code numbers for the main cities/regions of Myanmar. To call Myanmar (Pathein) from the United States, for example, the number formats: Items numbered 011 + 95 + 42 *******, where 011 is the US exits code, 95 is the ISD code for Myanmar, 42 is the Pathein prefix and ********* is the recipient's 5-digit TEL number.

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