Myanmar is new name of

Burma is the new name of

Current name for administrative regions, Old name for administrative regions, Current name Myanmar, officially the Republic of Myanmar, is also known as Burma or the Union of Burma. But Bamanaingngan is not the land where only the Myanmen live. Recently, when one of my articles appeared in another publication, all references to Myanmar were changed to Burma without my consent. The new nation was seriously confronted with the murder of Aung San this summer. The registrar may enter in the registry a new name for the.

What name should our country be known by?

How should we call our land, is it Myanmar or Burma? Whether it's Myanmar or Burma, it wouldn't be a problemat. I was Burmese from Burma for over half my years. I didn't object to being named Myanmar when it moved to Myanmar, but the trouble was that I had to explain a great deal whenever I went abroad to take part in a seminar or conference.

Indeed, most of us were familiar with the name Burma, which has been the name of our land for hundreds of years. The majority of foreigners also knew and acknowledged our land as Burma and the Burmese or Burmese population. That' s what I would like to call my land "Burma".

It was moved to Myanmar only two centuries ago. This was amended without the general consent of the population, i.e. not by a popular vote or a constitutional treaty, but first by means of a letter and then regulated many years later in the constitutional treaty.

Not only the name of the land was altered then, but also the name of some streets and citys. Although it was simple to modify the name, there were many intricacies. Firstly, there was the issue of naming changes to governments, which led to changes to the labels already appearing on many formal paper and receipt heads, even currency, postage and tax stamp, which resulted in great inconvenience and useless expenditure.

At this point I would like to point out such an awkwardness that the Burma Five Star Line (BFSL) had to struggle with due to the name change. Since BFSL vessels are travelling all over the globe, their name, the name of their home harbor and the name of the ship's name and the initial of the ship's hopper had to be in English.

For example, the vessels had to rename the name BFSL as MFSL (Myanmar Five Star Line), MV Bassein as MV Pathein and the home harbour Rangoon as Yangon while still at sea. As a result, the vessels had to change their name to MV Pathein. Since most BFSL vessels were given the name of the towns, most changes had to be made.

There are, of course, some states that have altered their name. Various different states that have altered their name may have their own causes, and I have no desire to enter into detailed debates. There may be one as far as our own state is concerned, but I am not in a situation to know the true cause of the name change.

The Mongolians entered our land and put an end to the states of Pyu City, according to some historic notes on the web during the ninth AD. There was a clan among them named Barama. As Mongolia's most important armed services were returning to their land, they abandoned the Baramas to manage their territories.

In the course of the years the pyus lost its true nature when the results of the mixed marriages with the Baramas and a new breed called Bamars appeared. I decided, however, to embrace this hypothesis as it provides the most reasonable explanations for the origin of the Bamar breed. A number of historic notes mention the name Miranma, also known as Barama, as a clan that was accompanying the Magyar forces, and so there was a chance that the name Myanmar could also be taken from this name.

But I couldn't find the name Myanmar in the old notes of that time. It was found that almost all journals of that time only took the name Bamar. It can be inferred from this that our land has been known as Bamar Naing Ngan since the Bagan era.

When the British were annexing our land, they named it Burma, in their own way. There are different ways of saying the name Bamar. The above mentioned samples show that the name Burma is appropriate when pronounced or spelled in English and Bamar Naing Ngan (???????????) when pronounced in Burmese, the legal name.

Here the designation of a state would have to be clarified in more detail. Nearly all nations have chosen the name of the main racial group as the name of their nation, although there may be a variety of nationalities. Unless we want to call our land Burma because it seemed to be representing the Bamar breed, what breed will we vote to name our land?

Respecting the wisdom of the founding fathers of our land who have used the name Bamar Naing Ngan since its foundation many hundreds of years ago would only be appropriate. Whether the name of the land is Myanmar or Burma, as long as it is tranquil and wealthy, it would be to the people' s advantage.

This should not be a big topic or an impediment to our quest for a tranquil and wealthy country, which we could rightly call the Shwe Naing Ngan, the Golden Land. For my part, I would rather see Burma, the traditional name, Myanmar.

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