Myanmar is a Democratic Country or not

Burma is a democratic country or not.

For the first time in fifty years, the elections brought democratic forces into parliament. AFPFL has far-reaching effects in almost every village in the country. This nation in the heart of Southeast Asia has a mysterious reputation that precedes it. Name of Nay Pyi Daw - Biggest town: There is no such thing as peace, democracy and the most basic human rights.

Yes, Myanmar is a starry Democratic country.

Myanmar's government grants a fourth of its legislature to the army. The electorate went to the elections in Myanmar on 8 November to vote for a new government. Aung San Suu Kyi, the National League for Democracy (NLD) Nobel Peace Prize laureate, achieved an amazing win. For Myanmar, the star concerns the 25% of seat reservations for members of the armed forces.

It is because of these stars that Jackson Diehl of the Washington Post used Myanmar as Exhibit A in his critique of the pampering of the Obama government this week: Say this to everyone who celebrates in the streets of Myanmar's capitol and across the country. It may believe that it has built the facade of democracies to safeguard investment and retain clout.

He believes he is as smart as the Myanmar government in recognizing the shortcomings of President Barack Obama's strategies. It is more likely that Diehl is as lazy in his mind and as narrow-minded in his politics as the regime. Even a star-studded democracies are more the norm than the rule. And a lot of reviewers reacted with the same antagonism as Jackson Diehl.

However, the Communist Party and its satellites kept two-thirds of the Sejm, the more important body (much more than called for by the Myanmar junta). Only very few would expect Solidarnosc to gain practically any of its challenged offices (it would lose a sole Senate office to an autonomous one).

But in another surprising move, Solidarity succeeded in poaching several of the satellites to form a governing alliance and undermining Kiszczak's backing. To put it another way, what began as a great democratic star became one of the most exciting democratic practices in contemporary music. Every democratically elected country deserves one or two stars at some point.

It is in the democratic sense that they are in the works. Let us look at it from the perspective of the United States. Practically all freedoms founded in the eighteenth and nineteenth century had a limited deductible rate. Démocracies also face more complexities. With the excessive impact of funding on the US election, compounded by the 2010 Supreme Court ruling, the unfortunate fact is that only the richest people or those who are able to win the rich can successfully run for US presidency.

It can rely on the bottom-up powers of the human race and on foreign powers. The gradual removal of the most famous star in Myanmar's democratic system.... is undoubtedly at the top of their agendas. The point of a democratic society is to learn from its own failures. In our "advanced democracies" we are still making unforgivable blunders that are recognized and corrected (or not) by our cleverer weirs.

As Diehl argued, the Myanmar Army Junior has made a thorough computation. Gambling has proved to be a viable form of capital expenditure. "Between 1988 and 2012, only 477 FDI investments were made by FDI in Myanmar, with a combined FDI volume of USD 4.1 billion.

"Last year this total was over $8 billion, and 895 businesses from 38 nations made investments in Myanmar, according to a new International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) spokesperson, FDI in Myanmar: He is making a basic error in linking this overseas investments with the continuing fate of the dominant elites.

Rather, as in any other transitional country of the last 25 years, the elites act for the purpose of enriching their economical situation by using inside information and contact to find a safe place in the new order. Had I been an ruthless Myanmar partisan, I would welcome the chance to pass on the country's most difficult government issues to the Opposition and instead concentrate on making a living in the petroleum or timber industry.

"The USDP has totally lost," said a member of the governing Kyi Win. After all, the NLD win will not bring Myanmar together in a magical way. It can, if anything, increase the country's division, as is often the case with democracies. Nevertheless, the Buddhist extreme Ma Ba Tha- and you thought all Buddhists were peace-loving méditers?

tried to depict the NLD as the Islamic side. Myanmar is only one of many countries in the Muslim-Buddhist war. By signing the nationwide ceasefire treaty with eight paramilitaries in October, the regime ended the armistice in large parts of the country. This is the first since 1947 that an armoured fraction that represents the Karen tribe is participating in a PEAR.

It is the worst part of the story that seven groups - the United Wa State Army and the Kachin Independence Army among them - have declined to ratify the Deal. "However, this will not stop me from making all my choices as head of the victorious team. In 1990, the political parties also won, but the former regime declined to accept the results.

"Things are different, men are different. It is not only the inflow of international investments. It is also useful for the army to have the backing of the United States and Europe to balance the neighbours' gigantic forces, China and India. It can rely on the bottom-up powers of the human race and on superpower from abroad.

The gradual elimination of the most famous star in Myanmar's democratic system - and proof that Jackson Diehl is mistaken about the country's current situation - is undoubtedly at the top of their agendas. However, with all the other issues Myanmar faces today, this is probably the least of their concerns. You can join over 400 persons to become a donator, or you can decide to become a godparent.

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