Myanmar Invitation Letter

Invitation to Myanmar

Invitation letter from a registered company to you. They must receive an invitation letter from a company registered in Myanmar and the company must be willing to act as guarantor. Letter of invitation etc. to receive a business visa upon arrival in Myanmar. Answers to your questions in the Myanmar Forum.

An invitation letter from the company to visit Myanmar.

Letter of visa invitations? - MYANMAR message board

Visas Notice? I want to stay away from the whole trip (cost), but I see that I need an invoice for my visas request, can I only get this by using an agents to make bookings, or should I go all the way? Visas Notice? Letters of invitations are sent by a tourist office.

There are some who would like to send you this note, even if you only want to make reservations, others need a special trip. There are many tourist offices offering good prices, especially for the tourist seasons. It is easy to find and reserve. As soon as you have booked the trip, you will receive an automatic notice of invit. Visas Notice? That must be new - I thought they were for business visas only.

Visas Notice? Visas Notice? When you ask Santa Maria, they will give you a facsimile with the details of your route, but I really question that you will need it for your visa. Visas Notice? They learnt that if you want to get a business or social visa, you need a written notice of invit.

Visas Notice? I understand that some of the embassies ask for the letters of invitations from the agency or hotels. As a precaution, some of the agents are sending this to their customers. Visas Notice? Visas Notice? Visas Notice?

I' ll also apply for my visas at the end of the months, so I'll bring everyone up to date. Letter of invitation?

Myanmar Visas invitations for a commercial entry form - Myanmar Visas Information

As soon as you are signed in and signed in, you can start creating themes, posting answers to your themes, giving your colleagues a call, getting your own personal messaging service, posting stats, managing your profil and more. I come to Myanmar for the search, I already managed to find a Myanmar based firm to contact me with the letters of invitations to get the commercial visas, but since they had never done so before, they asked me to mail them a mailer.

I still can't find it, can someone tell me what this note looks like and what to write? Your management and your name, your adress and your job title. Myanmar your pass number and expiry date. You also need to register the inviting firm as an annex.

On your company's registry file, there was no appendix with your contribution, please try to reattach it, I'm sure it will be useful for either of you. Sorry for the mess, I didn't append any papers in my posting as I can't be sure it's ok for me to use my company's deed and companies registration as an example.

I was referring to the annex, the document of invitations with the business application for the procedure. Thank you for your response, is it too much if I ask you to write a paperhead? I' m from Malaysia so I can request a VOA on arrival, please make sure that you are a national.

Ms X, we look forward to inviting you to Myanmar on July 31, 2013 to participate in Yangon office reunions. When arriving at Yangon International Airport, please request your travel visas for commercial purposes. It'?s a specimen of a cover note. Thank you for your master deed.

and I think I will use a mixture of both, and I trust it will be accepted by the Myanmarassy. Greetings, hello everyone, I just want to know whether a written notice of invitations from the enterprise is sufficient or do I also need the trade application from the enterprise?

I' m going to request my commercial visas in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Hello everyone, I just want to know whether a written notice from the enterprise is sufficient or do I also need the trade application from the enterprise? I' m going to request my commercial visas in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

In addition, you will need a copy of your corporate name. That' is what MOFA Myanmar says in its request for a trade visa: with the request when it works in Myanmar in detail when it works with a trade permit. On the basis of point 4 above - they have the right to ask you for the companies registration/business license of the department or firm that is sponsors you.

It' more secure to incorporate the Department or corporation corporate enrolment certification that sponsors or invites you into your trade visas because the Embassy of Myanmar has the right to ask you to submit the supporting documents for your tradevisas. I' ve requested a commercial entry permit.

To receive the written invitations and a copy of the trade application, you must send the sponsor firm a copy of your own firm's application for trade to use.

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