Myanmar Invitation Letter

Invitation to Myanmar

Myanmar Company invitation letter and employer's letter of recommendation. U.S. Company's business letter and Myanmar Company's invitation letter. "Myanmar Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs): Potentials and Challenges".

Letter of invitation from the Myanmar Company. Letter of invitation available for MYANMAR visa applications.

Letter of invitation etc. to receive a business visa upon arrival, Myanmar Forums

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Burma Visa Requirements for Myanmar (Burma) Business Visa

Fill out this questionnaire and send it back to us with all necessary information. Authentic autographed pass, good for at least 6 month after your arrival. You must have at least 1 empty page for the stamp (s) in your ID card. Fill out and sign two (2) applications for visas. You must answer all your queries on the registration sheet.

If you do not fill in all the necessary information on the application forms, the process of your application will be delayed. To obtain a commercial entry visas, a letter of invitation from the sponsoring organization (host firm or person in Myanmar) is necessary to explain the relation to the application and the purposes of the trip. The letter must also include the length of your visit, location and your personal details.

Letter from the sponsor or employers on the company's head of letter that introduces the candidate, indicates the applicant's job status/position in the organization and explains the purposes of the trip to Myanmar. It must also state who is financial responsibility for the person applying and must contain details of contacts in the receiving state.

Check of Departures - a computer-generated route of the carrier or a tour operator, a copy of the air tickets or a company letter with voyage itineraries. You can also send a letter on the head of the agent that confirms the outward and return journey. This route is necessary because the Embassy of Myanmar wants to know when you will be arriving and departing.

You will need to submit a new request if your itinerary changes after the date of issue of the permit. Please note: Each person applying for a visas may be questioned by a member of the Consulate. The EDS accept credit cards via credit card: Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card and American Express. If you have filled out the EDS Service Request Forms, the EDS Service Request Forms and this check list before sending, you can submit all your documentation to the following adress.

Applicants after 8 a.m. will be sent in the next working week.

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