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We also need the Internet to stay in touch with our customer and send him an object. Our current service plans are unlimited! SEO and Internet Marketing Services are proven, secure and results-oriented! The Myanmar Info-Tech is home to many Internet service providers. On the way to a universal, open and accessible Internet in Myanmar.

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Myanmar is the next land we want to make. We also need the Internet to stay in touch with our customer and deliver an item to him. Depending on where you are, generally speaking Wi-Fi at hotels/guesthouses is at best gradual. When you need good Internet, you should look at purchasing a portable SMC. Wi-Fi in most places in the whole swamp.

The Internet and Wi-Fi are available..... when the electricity is on. But, yes, it is very sluggish in most places, for example, leave Outube. Buying a simple map with optional extra information seems the best way for the Internet..... Do you have a simple solution with a mobile phone that contains me?

Well, with a simple map you have more steady internet and quicker too. We' ve found that the Internet is the most trustworthy and cheapest of all theIM-cards. For Internet, GPS, FB, the common, no hassles. 19,000 kyat ($19.00 Australian) for a 31-day ticket. I' m using MPT-Simcard, works very well anywhere, even if sometime slowly or below, and datapack is inexpensive.

ISPs are considering a more competive tomorrow

The Internet Service Providers (ISPs) say they are getting ready for competitive conditions as the industry is being liberalised to give players the opportunity in the marketplace in the near term, although inside people say that Telenor and Ooredoo could give landline providers some leeway by emphasising their rollouts on the move. As only the state-owned Myanmar Posts and Telecommunications (MPT) and Yatanarpon Teleport Company (YPT) are currently authorised to deliver high-speed Internet access despite a number of nonlicensed operators, the industry is expected to bring several providers onto the open network in the coming years.

DFDL lawyer William Greenlee said that clarifying telecommunications legislation and other communications from the federal administration will decide to what degree the door should be opened to new providers, but sector actors say they are already getting ready for an expected inflow of participants in the markets. U Tin Win, YTP chief executive officer, said that only competitive pricing can lower Myanmar's landline Internet access rates.

Redlink, the national WiMax vendor, is currently operating outside the YTP license, but is planning to request its own license and provide other high-speed Internet access products such as optical fibre DSL once the technology is in place, said Redlink VP and co-founder U Thein Than Toe. Twenty-three per cent of the company currently holds approximately a 23 per cent stake, as opposed to over 30 pc for MPT and YTP, he said. ý Articles to its 40 available in Yangon, while opening several vendors and service bureaus and providing battery-operated WiMax receivers, with an aim of becoming the biggest wideband gaming company by March, he said.

"We are not a rival to the cell phone companies. We are in a different kind of business," said U Thein Than Toe. Herbert Smith Freehill's Telecommunications Director Mark Robinson said that the wireless Internet will probably be the driving force of Internet adoption in Myanmar, but added that there will be ways to provide solid wireless connectivity to companies and city residents looking for higher speed and more dependable connectivity.

According to most estimations, the national Internet coverage is around 1 pcs. IPSs like Redlink and YTP should be more interested in competing with new licensees than with Telenor and Ooredoo, Robinson said. Thein Than Toe said he wants the regulatory authority to initiate the procedure for granting licenses to providers, as the built-in licenses have already been granted to wireless carriers, so that the procedure can also be started for them.

While Redlink does not intend to request the special license that will allow it to build a fiber optic backup, it is hoping that new license holders could build a competitive backup net with MPT that would lower bandwidth costs and enhance connectivity. At Redlink we have started thinking about financing a proposed investment, although YTP and MPT say they are looking for active international partner.

As well as its Internet Service Provider (ISP) franchise, YTP is also claiming one of four wireless licenses and is looking for an investment company with technology know-how and funds to support further growth of approximately $1 billion, said U Tin Win. As Sally Austen, a senior participant with Herbert Smith Freehills, said a large portion of the appeal to gaining the telecommunications licence over enlisting the marketing through a partnership with MPT or YPT was the likelihood to pursue 100%pc control over the risk.

Orange and SingTel of Singapore have expressed interest in MPT after they lost their licenses at the beginning of the year.

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