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With strong marketing campaigns across Myanmar, Ooredoo offers its customers excellent Internet services and plans. Burma Unilink Communication Co., Ltd. Have a look at UNILINK MYANMAR's professional profile and learn more about their CV, experience, skills, awards, education and more. Burma GT Broadband Co.

, Ltd. Burma GT Broadband Co., Ltd.

Who we are

Seanet is a Yangon, Myanmar-based broadband Internet service provider. Hughes' latest Hughes VPAT technologies are used to deliver high-speed, safe and trusted Internet connectivity and virtual networking to any home or business in Myanmar. Southeastia Technologies Myanmar Co, Ltd Buildings (18), 2nd floor, Myanmar ICT Park, Huing Campus, Yangon, Myanmar.

All Service Plan : Infinite number of data

Prices are excluding fiber, network mast, in-house wiring, Wi-Fi / router installation and other assistance. To use the Internet Services, the necessary documentation is as follows: The minimum contract term is 6 (six) moths. 2. 1 (1) one (!) calendar week before Cancellation.

There may be other conditions in our jurisdiction.

Selection among Myanmar's telecommunications providers

Telecommunications information has been Myanmar's greatest flaw in the past. The state telecommunications provider Myanmar Posts and Telecommu- nications of Myanmar (MPT) ran the entire system until 2013, when the government issued the tender for the right to run NGT. Qatars Ooredoo QSC and Norwegian Telenor AS A have received licences to run in the Dominican Republic and launched local advertising activities that are seen throughout Myanmar.

Costs for the SIM card are now only about $1.5, but the coverage period is not yet high. MPT, Ooredoo and Telenor, currently the country's major players, are looking for new clients and are trying to take the front-run. You have to be competitive both in terms of prices and service qualities.

With the help and consulting of its partners, the Japan based cellular phone provider KDDI and the Sumitomo retail company, MPT introduced the new Swe Thahar services and introduced new sales strategy. Currently, MPT has a comparative edge in the field, as its cover is the best in the land, while Telenor and Ooredoo are trying to extend their network.

In addition to its periodic telephone and Internet schedules, MPT sometimes offers promotional activities for all Swe Thahar customers. However, compared to Telenor and Ooredoo, the calling from MPT is more costly and does not offer as good Internet bundles as providers abroad. For the use of worldwide calling abroad, extra fees apply if you use your telephone from abroad.

Telenor Myanmar offers its clients good services for the construction of railway terminals and the expansion of their networks. Telenor's pre-paid SIM cards allow you to call both domestic and foreign providers. Also, when you recharge for the first telenor, you will receive free net minute bonus (Telenor to Telenor), free internet free megabytes, which will be available for 30 nights from the first recharge date.

Telenor Myanmar has affiliates in different jurisdictions for roaming and the prices for calling internationally vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Telenor also provides a large selection of Internet and Smart Internet packets for weekly and monthly use.

Ooredoo, with powerful advertising efforts across Myanmar, offers its clients superior Internet services and maps. You have a variety of weekly and monthly Internet package choices. Ooredoo gives 1,500Ks as a welcome present for our services and 10MB free internet access and random promotional offers are available to you.

The prices for calling internationally range from 100k yats to 3000kyats de outstanding on the land you are calling and text message rate is 125k yats to each state. Ooredoo has linked up with several different markets for Internet gaming.

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