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Fiber optic cuts and interruptions slowed the Internet and led to outages in Myanmar last week. Forged messages and hate speech are something Facebook swears to fight. Burma is seeking tenders for fiber optic backbone networks and Internet services. Scrapping Facebook plans to build a drone for Internet access. FDI in Myanmar - Taxation in Myanmar MPT on-net calls:

Fiber optic intersects low speed web connections

Fiber optic cuttings and interruptions are slowing the web and led to failures in Myanmar last weekend. For the state-run Myanma Post and Telecommunications (MPT) and its global rivals Telenor Myanmar, problems on the web seem to have begun sooner than for its contender Ooredoo Myanmar. On August 13th MPT got into trouble around Myawaddy, where the company is connected to Thailand.

Acting as COO of the Fiber Optic Wire JV, Yoshiaki Benino said on the 14th August that a fiber optic wire had been severed and repaired somewhere in the jungles. Meanwhile, on August 14, Telenor said it also had problems with fiber mining with two of its own separate connections to Thailand.

The company said this morning that it was looking into what caused the problem and that both connections were progressively being made. However, a Facebook mail this afternoons signaled interference on three of its five global fiber-optic connections. On August 16, the company said it would know more about the state of the rest of the wire today.

On August 14, Ooredoo announces a downtime on Facebook. An intersection occured between Kengtung and Myawaddy on an MPT line that Ooredoo will share with the corporation, according to Ooredoo Human Resources and Communications Exec. It would also influence my phone records on my phone, he said. Later that night, Ooredoo told Facebook that "the technological problem we were confronted with has been partially solved", which means that people can go online and make phone and email phone conversations.

But he cautioned that a shortcut is still disabled, which could lead to slower bandwidth. The worship was resumed the same night, so a later contribution. While Myanmar's telecommunications have made progress in the last year, a steady, uninterrupted connection to the web has always been a wish.

85% of Internet use in Myanmar is via smartphones: poll

The Myanmar web community prefers smart phones, especially Samsung smart phones, according to a recent Myanmar Advertising (MOA) poll. It contains information from over 12 million one-of-a-kind appliances that were connected to MOA Web sites in 2017, and is designed to shed insight into the on-line practices of the Myanmar population. One of the most important results is that 85 per cent of the equipment used for accessing the web in Myanmar is smart phones.

Conversely, in the UK, in 2017, smart phones accounted for only 42 per cent of mobile broadband connections. Over 30 per cent of the equipment you go on-line is Samsung equipment, followed by Huawei with 27 per cent. Apple makes up eight per cent of the equipment. Myanmar's most favored appliance is the Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime, which represents 11 per cent of all surveyed appliances.

Myanmar's leading web browsers are Facebook with more than 65 per cent of phones, followed by Chrome with around 20 per cent. Use of the Myanmar web site at 8pm. In Myanmar, the use of the web became simpler last year as ISPs introduced 4Gs.

In March 2017, the Ministry of Transport and Communications said that 46 million of Myanmar's 53 million inhabitants have wireless broadband connections, which is a leap of 10 million people by 2016.

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