Myanmar International Code

Burma International Code

A list of the currently valid country codes is given below. International call and SMS countries, codes and rates. Updated current citizenship codes: IATA and ICAO international codes are used at many Myanmar airports. Area codes for all destinations in Myanmar. Check all area codes in Myanmar.


The 2015 general Election marked a significant turning point for Myanmar, which is now in a process of democratization, after decade-long reign of the army and domestic reign. The Union of Myanmar Intergovernmental Conference (UEC) began working with Myanmar's governing bodies in 2013 to help pave the way for the poll. In view of the strong position of the opponents since the 2012 by-elections and the country's suffrage record of overthrowing the results and imprisoning members of various international organisations until 2010, confidence between the two sides was low.

In late 2013, the President of the UEC presented his 2015 election strategy to the former President of the Nepalese National Election Commission and Switzerland specialists, who also share international experience in efforts to boost trust in the election processes. UEC President showed particular interest in a code of conduct for peaceful election, drawn up by the various factions, provided that it respects the legislative frameworks of the state.

Phone & SMS | Telenor Myanmar

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Burma Country Code

Myanmar and its dependant territories are represented by a code for information and communication. The Myanmar Countrycode is a brief numerical geocode designed by the International Standard System Standardization (OSI 3166-1). The Myanmar area code is often referred to as the Myanmar area code or Myanmar E.164.

The Myanmar Countrycode is used when calling Myanmar from outside Myanmar. However, Myanmar area code is not used if you call within Myanmar. If you call Myanmar from outside Myanmar, you must enter the international dialling code (IDD), the Myanmar international code, the area code and then the subscriber's phone number:

The countries International Area Code (IDD) +95 (country code Myanmar) + area code + number you want to call. The Myanmar International Direct Dialling FIX (or IDD) is used when you dial from Myanmar abroad (see Myanmar International Area Code or Myanmar International Area Code).

If you dial within Myanmar, do not use Myanmar IDD. The Myanmar National Direct Dialing Telephone Number ( "NDD") is used when you dial a number within Myanmar (see Myanmar area code). If you dial from outside Myanmar to Myanmar, do not use the Myanmar National Direct Dialling area code. The Myanmar NDD is only used as a remote dialling service within the state.

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