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International Airport Myanmar

The Mandalay International Airport is Myanmar's largest airport and brings travellers closer to the country's most popular destinations. Far south, Yangon International Airport is older but has better international connections than its northern competitor. The website is for Yangon International Airport. The Hanthawaddy International Airport. Yangon International Airport.

Airport contract expires at Hanthawaddy: Konsortium

Rangoon - The government's plan for a $1.5 billion Bago airport has overcome another hurdle: a member of the syndicate selected to construct the site shows that an important deal has come to an end. Yongnam Holdings, a Singapore stock exchange quoted company, said in an official statement that the master contract between the Department of Civil Aviation and the syndicate had lapsed and had not yet been extended "because certain questions remained unresolved".

It states in the Communication that the arrangements concern "the planning, building and operation of Hanthawaddy International Airport on the base of a public-private partnership". This master contract was initialled on January 30, 2016. It'?s not clear when it happened. Back then, by concluding the master deed, the civil servants paved the way for the Japanese authorities to request a low-interest credit from Japan to meet part of the costs of the scheme.

This is only the last time that the final phase of the construction, which was originally scheduled for 2016, has been completed. The Japan-Singapore offer, however, was chosen in October 2014 after the failure of talks with the Korea Consorzio, which won the first call for tenders in August. Hanthawaddy Airport extends over approximately 9,000 hectares near Bago, about 80 kilometers north-east of the city center of Yangon.

JGC Corporation of Japan, which has a 55 per cent shareholding, and Changi Airports International, Singapore, which has a 20 per cent shareholding, are also part of the group. Learn more about Hanthawaddy International Airport in February 2017. Extensive reporting on Myanmar the latest developments, the latest developments and more.

A new international airport in the heart of Myanmar is in the works

YANGON, February 1 (Xinhua) - Myanmar's new Hanthawaddy International Airport development, which is being carried out as a domestic operation in the main Bago area of the state, some 76.8 km northeast of Yangon, is in work. Once completed, the airport will be the forth and biggest of its kind in Myanmar after Yangon, Mandalay and Nay Pyi Taw and is likely to become an important gate for international carriers to use and run their business.

The fence around the airport is now 65 per cent complete after negotiations with property developers to prepare the ground for building, said a Department of Civil Aviation of Myanmar engineering consultant, who expects it to be complete by March, the end of the 2017-18 fiscal year. In the meantime, the Bago Region will also draw up a remuneration scheme for the removal of those occupying the area.

When Hanthawaddy International Airport comes into operation in 2020, all international carriers are to be transferred from today's Yangon International Airport to Hanthawaddy. The 2012 bid was won by a Yongnam and Changi Airport Planners and Engineering (CAPE) syndicate from Singapore and the Japanese JGC Corporation in 2014 for the planning, building and managing of the airport on the commercial aviation market.

Built on an area of more than 3,645 ha, the airport will help to boost the number of tourists and tourists on holiday as the country's commerce and tourism sector grows. Airport developments will boost commerce and industry in the Bago region and beyond and gradually improve the quality of life of residents by creating new jobs over the years.

When it goes into operation, it is estimated to process up to 12 million travellers per year and will become an important international gate to Myanmar and a local air traffic centre. It is anticipated that the airport will attract more international air traffic to Myanmar and the number of tourists will rise as the Bago area is located on the ASEAN motorway.

As well as the major one, the Ministry of Civilian Air ways of Myanmar is also launching tenders from home and abroad for the construction of a motorway leading from Yangon city centre to the airport. Burma has also implemented a privatisation scheme for all national airport operators to support the commercial airline sector.

In addition to the three international airfields, there are 30 local airfields in Myanmar. There are eight German privately owned carriers operating in Myanmar, while according to the available data, the number of international carriers operating in Myanmar remains at 24.

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