Myanmar interesting places to Visit

Visiting Myanmar interesting places

Famous sights in Kachin Stae. Phakant (a famous city because of its natural resources, jade and gold). Featuring interesting and useful information for every location, this Myanmar travel guide is the ultimate travel accessory to discover this iconic country! Kyauk Ka-Lat, a pagoda built on natural rock formations. The famous top spot is a Buddhist stupa that houses the largest book in the world.

Best Sights in HiPaw

During this period I would like to tell you about HsiPaw, a beautiful city in the north Shan state in Myanmar. Paw Hsi attracts the visitors' interest because of the dawn over Burma: Mine as Shan Princess history, which tells the true history of the Aussie wife and Sao Kya Seng (a Shan racial prince).

By 2015, a movie built on this real history was outlawed not only in Myanmar but also in Thailand. When you plan to tour an interesting city, I would like to tell you the top lists you need to attend in Hsipaw. Paw Haw Nann is a place where Sao Kya Seng and his wife and daughter were born.

Now Sao Kya Seng's grandson's woman will tell all about the town. Many of the old couples like Bagan gather here. From HsiPaw Haw Nan it only needs 20 min. by bicycle or on foot. The Baw Kyo Shan Pagoda, situated in the Baw Kyo town, is another place to see in HsiPaw.

It' a HsiPaw proud coup. Here you have the opportunity to see the many old pages. Hsi-Paw has many good places for the sundown. Or you can go up the mountain or horseback riding on the touch back. The Hsipaw is a real city in Shan State with many historic sites, old palagodas and a wonderful landscape.

If you are visiting the city of Hsipaw, be sure to bear the dawn over Burma: my live as a Shan Princess Bible.

Excursions to Mogok

Up until recently, the area was restricted to overseas travelers and you still need permission to get there (Bamboo Travel will take over for you). However, few know that there is so much more to visiting Mogok than just the jewels and a little walking around the mountains and mixing with the people.

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