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Myanmar Information Management Unit (MIMU) is a. It is the largest source of vacancies and internships at the United Nations, the European Union and international NGOs. Burma Statistical Information Service (MMSIS). Burma Information Management Unit, Baseline Datasets. Burma Information Management Unit,'Maps', Web.

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The UN organizations, INGOs, LNGOs, diplomatic institutions and coordinating groups working in Myanmar. Mozambique currently has 2,999 one-on-one contact points from 1,349 bureaux and 789 institutions (UN, NGOs, donor organisations, embassies) active in the fields of human aid and aid throughout Myanmar. As soon as you have your contact information on MIMU, make sure that your organization's information is up to date.

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The Myanmar information manager learns about soft power, large amounts of information and how to respond to crises.

Maintaining and disseminating good and trustworthy information, especially in areas of conflicts and crises, is critical to sound decisions in the field of international co-operation and to the effectiveness of assistance, which saves many people. For example, in fast-developing Myanmar, more and more contents are being produced by ongoing developments in on-line and portable communication and information distribution forums.

Against the background of these trends, an information managment seminar for professionals in the fields of human aid missions, emergency response and deployment planing, as well as project and assessment in Myanmar took place in Yangon, Myanmar on October 2 and 3. Part of this was the knowledge of how to use the instruments in the gathering, verifying and disseminating of information to enhance situation-consciousness.

In the course of the workshops, attendees also debated issues such as the use of corporate citizenship to educate voters and electoral observation for next year's poll. Hated speeches - and the review of information - also aroused great interest among the attendees in view of the beginning of the communication revolutionary. Aims of this course were: the use of new communication and communication technology to gather, analyze, present, validate and distribute information; understanding the effects of new and web-based digital content on information and situation consciousness; understanding the character of large and open web and web formats, and how this information can be useful in responding to and managing crises.

This was clearly demonstrated by the response from attendees who not only found the event invaluable, but also expressed the hope that more such events could take place in the near term, which shows how important it is to equip information manager with the capabilities they need to cope with the ever-changing environment of on-line communication and information.

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