Myanmar information Management Unit

The Myanmar Information Management Unit

ICT for Development. The Myanmar Information Management Unit . The Myanmar Information Management Unit . What is the Myanmar Information Management Unit? The MIMU stands for Myanmar Information Management Unit.


MIMU was founded in 2007 in answer to a poll on the needs of the main human and aid stakeholders in Myanmar. MIMU offers: - Shared information assets such as the MIMU contact list with information on 2,680 bureaux and 1169 people from 637 consultancies; a map of interagency coordination structures; week-long meeting plans; the MIMU 3W, which monitors who (which agency) does what (154 type of activity), where (in which area/village); monitoring of scheduled, running and final assessments and publications; and an exhaustive base databank that collects information on more than 200 public authority and other source indices in digiall format to compare it.

  • Assistance in the definition of information and information management stan-dards that enable the aggregation of information from different resources for better analytical and evidence-based decisions. MIMU calls together the Information Management Network, the Geographic Information Systems Working Group and the South East Date Network, which bring together agents and professionals with information and information management skills to better coordinate the collection and exchange of information for human and developmental use.

Standards for the disaggregation of human rights information have been established through the IM network, allowing agency information to be aggregated for better control of the human rights and assistance situations. - The MIMU website - www.themimu. information - brings together Myanmar and English language materials created by the MIMU and others to assist relief and aid work.

The MIMU Place Coding Campaign, in which the MIMU works with its numerous partner organizations to collect information about the locality of the community to help improve disaster prevention, reaction and alignment, has made this possible. MIMU' s Excel Place Mapping Utility uses MIMU Place codes together with your Excel spreadsheet information to create basic country/region al, district and community level thermal mapping.

  • Cutting-edge ways to collaborate on data: The MIMU presented new dashboards for the 2014 population and housing census in Myanmar, available on the MIMU website. MIMU Assessment Tracking contains information on nearly 500 evaluations, research and publication presented by the Agencys, the sectors/themes and geographical areas surveyed, the information gathering methodology, the available distribution media and their accessibility.
  • Resource and information sharing: There are more than 39,000 unique visitors and 274 pages of information on the website. Included in the course are training in GPS, QGIS, Excel and IM / Information Management. The Excel remote training unit was tested and introduced by Rakhine agents with 20 people.

To learn more about Myanmar, please check out MIMU's Assessment Tracking.

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