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Creation of a special economic zone - MMICT. Proposals for the adoption of the ICT professionals' bill for the ICT SPC with the aim of being a meeting chaired by the Ministry of Commerce and visited by members of the Myanmar Computer Industry Association last weeks. There are 13 kinds of capital expenditures in Transatlantic Economic Zone with their own strength of vulnerability According to Zaw Naing, Myanmar Computer Professional Association executives member, the kinds of capital expenditures include international capital expenditures on imports and exports of manufactured products; international capital expenditures on imports and exports of domestic commodities and exports of manufactured products; as well as joints of overseas and domestic subsidiaries with imports of commodities, products and exports.

Nowadays, the advancement of IT is increasing all over the globe and the service of technical items are also astonishing. In Myanmar, like other nations, it is trying to capture progressive tec. Secondly, the ICT Weekly ICT Expo is held each year by the Spanish authorities to promote new ICT applications and technical product applications for all, especially for the new age group.

Over the past ICT weeks, businessmen, engineers, students as well as family members have been visiting and discovering the latest technology. Now the fifth ICT fair will take place from 29 April to 1 May at the Tatmadaw Convention Centre. Exhibits include computer equipment, videoconferencing systems, web hosting, information technology equipment, computer safety, computer education and other technology related goods and systems.

There is also a competition programme that shows how to use the latest technology and sell technology with discounts. This year' s show will also feature the latest and most sophisticated technology such as KY-1000 Public Exchange, Single Line Telephone (Gaoxingi), CCTV camera, ACCESS Control System, Walkthrough Metal Defector, Handheld Metal Defector (Security Devices for Buildings, Super Markets, etc.).

In addition, fundamental techniques for using the Internets are obtained free of charge. Finally, ICT so far has been a success. These weekly ICT shows will enable people not only to benefit from the latest and most progressive information and communication techniques, but also to use them. That is why we can see and experience more of the latest ICT technical developments in this ICT Weeks than in earlier ICT weekly shows.

The MICTDC was founded in 2001 with the main mission of helping Myanmar build a significant footprint in the information and communications technology world. The ICT park offers various privately owned IT enterprises the possibility of using the latest technology as well as offering interested clients around the world high-quality service.

Bagan Cybertech Limited and Myanmar ICT Park are able to meet today's needs of today's worldwide customers with the full backing of the Union of Myanmar Gov. The ICTs will offer opportunities to skip the socio-economic evolution of the state. It is our goal to develop and export Myanmar products.

Developing our strategy for an ICT park with global institutions.

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