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Information about countries; practical information; highlights. Information on entry regulations / visas for Myanmar. Note: Some places in Myanmar are not open to visitors all year round.

The first beach destination in Myanmar to take its name, some say, from a homesick Italian, Ngapali.

Sailing, yacht charter and personal cruise in Myanmar & surroundings

Myanmar (or Burma - more about the name here) has changed enormously in the last two years. Very few nations make more news than Myanmar these times. Up until recently, under an Owelian army regime, the leaders of one of the most remote nations in the whole wide globe unexpectedly chose to open up to the West.

They are liberalizing their policy system and are now shifting towards democratization and encouraging international investments. Today, world-leading politicians and entrepreneurs are lining up to speak with the country's decision-makers or to establish themselves early on in an undeveloped population of almost 50 million inhabitants. The majority of violent conflict between the federal administration and various racial groups that have devastated the land has come to a halt, and Myanmar is now experiencing a level of tranquillity that it has not seen in years.

Burma is still a very impoverished place after years of maladministration, sanction and inaction. The tourist industry is booming and never before have so many foreign visitors been there. Our aim is to contribute to the opening up of this beautiful land by making one of the previously almost completely ignored areas thoroughly available.

You can find more, somewhat coincidental information about Myanmar in our blog.

Follow-up of Myanmar internationally

What is help doing in Myanmar? In Myanmar, the importance of foreign policy remains high. While Myanmar is progressing, it is important that all parties involved know how this help is being used and what results are being outreached. What makes open help important in Myanmar?

The transparency of aid contributes to making it reach where it is most needed. Open information sharing makes it easier for everyone involved to see who is doing what and where. Accessibility to better qualitative information also promotes fairer distribution, both sectoral and geographical, thereby assuring that this aid is of the greatest benefit to our population.

What are we doing to guarantee orientation and responsibility? Full and prompt coverage of aid is the pivotal factor in guaranteeing mutual accounts. Precise information on aid allows the Government of Myanmar to make sound choices on the provision of financing for aid in order to make sure that aid is consistent with Myanmar's aid priorities as well as policy.

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