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Do you value independent travel journalism? The ASEAN Travel & Tourism Hall of Fame. Travellers book international flights independently. Here are some ideas for motorcycle tours in Myanmar. Hops on hop off independent bus tours for most Southeast Asian countries, including Burma.

Trip or stand-alone trip? - Mujimba Forum

Trip or stand-alone trip? Smart decision to visit Myanmar as the best holiday period is now! I have been to Myanmar several occasions, both individually and on the road. Burma is one of a kind, both politically and touristically. The group are sooooooooooo city location, and motion during the coldness time period epoch (November to March) elasticity you any being memory for its abundant tract, composure manner and surprising pious affection, let unsocial those glittering tract and abbey.

To be self-employed, you must obtain the visa/transportation/hotels yourself. Now, let's be honest, the information about bookings/destinations/activities in the countryside that can be obtained via the web and travel guides is quite restricted and sometimes quite inaccurate. Also, 9 evenings to cater for ALL the best seems a little bit out of the question, as you know the land is full of surprising things and the choice can be endless.

So, I think you may need a personalized trip that suits your interests/budget/timetable, which can be a great advantage in terms of cost and timeframe. Well I used to be able to travel for like 3 x independant, but they were all when I had at least a month in which to schedule. To be honest, traveling alone is great pleasure.

Autonomous travellers may have a lot to fear, because no matter what happens, you are on your own. It'?s very different when you're out with children. In most areas of the countryside, for example, there is still no internationally available standardised healthcare, and even in large towns such as Yangon and Mandalay, mobile phones are rare, just as little as flowing waters.

Well, I think the best thing is to have a souvenir book and be there in case of an emergencies. Also, a travel agent could be a great way to get to know the true Myanmar lifestyle, which, believe it or not, is a lot of pleasure! Burma is a good option again. I wish you the best of times there!

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