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This is the latest guide and tips on how to plan your trip to Myanmar. Burma, still known to many as Burma, is affectionately called "the Golden Land" because of the frequent use of gold leaf in temples and shrines. Burma Holidays in Myanmar Independent Travel 2018/2019 They are the location experts and know everything about where you want to spend your holidays. To have us call you, please fill in your number. Whenever possible, please let us know your group sizes, approximate travel times and the type of experience you would like to have during your vacation.

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Myanmar Independent Travel Guide

Burma is evolving fast and much of the information I was reading before I arrived was either out of date or incorrect. was in Myanmar from January 22 - February 1, 2013 and although this item comes well ahead of the remainder of my Myanmar items, it' s vital for travellers looking for the latest information.

When I was travelling, $1=852 kyat. Burma or Myanmar? Myanmar should be averted in some quarters because it is linked to the army regimes. All I asked while I was there said they preferred Myanmar, as the land was always named Myanmar in the national tongue. Burma was named Burma in British rule because the British used to call it that.

However, inland, in the national tongue, even in settlement time, the locals named the land Myanmar. I' ve used Myanmar and I haven't angered anyone - not even the passionate opposition to the war. However, I don't know the acronym for" Myanmar people", and Burmese is still the name.

So they were the first ones I tried to swap. Of what I know and what I have seen, the bureau of change, next to the last conveyor at the Yangon International Luggage Office, provides the best foreign currencies. After all, the other way I did it was to ask the gift stores if they would trade my Kya.

Committed, but often at very low prices (such as 900 kyats for one dollar). And I found one who did it at 865 kyats, which was perfectly all right because I only had $46 from them. Although the wrinkled $20 bill would like to be acceptable to any provider in Miami, it is not acceptable in Myanmar.

I' found out Kyat's less expensive. $10/8000 Kyat was often seen. You save 500 Kyat or $0.59 if you use Kyat. Sellers cannot afford to spend locally in US dollars, so they must switch to Kyat. Out of Yangon the prices are lower and it is only natural that they demand more in US dollars.

Euro and Singapore dollars are also accepted at the change stand at the international airports. I' m not sure if the course is good or not, because I didn't change it. It can be difficult to find a place to change these currency outside the aiport. If you buy the passport to visit historic places like Bagan and Inle Lake, you can either buy $10 or 10Eur, but if you are paying in Euros, this is of course a robbery.

There' s one down in Yangon. It is still best and most secure to change at the airfield. The important thing is and I was able to sleep in a $8/night room in Bagan (without warm running waters and no ensuite bathroom). I had a good friendship in Myanmar in October and it was much less difficult to find a place to live than I did.

Only place I showed up without a place I' d stayed was Bagan. For example, you can make an on-line booking for Yangon and research in advance so that the properties in the places you are visiting can accommodate you. I went to a place in Bagan where I wasn't living, and they had a checklist.

I' ve just been paying 100Kyat per call, and after three phone conversations I have reserved a room in Mandalay. I got to Inle Lake at 3:00 a.m. In a Buddhist monastery that demanded 6000 kyats per day with very rustical terms. However, I did meet other travellers who came to Inle and thought they might find a room somewhere, but in the end they left when they realised that every room in the city was firmly reserved for the next few nights.

So I could find Wi-Fi wherever I was (Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay, Inle Lake). Yangon was the quickest and most robust and hardly worked anywhere in Bagan. Burma is an exorbitant place. In all honesty, I can say Myanmar has a consciousness. Otherwise, every cab, every horse-drawn carriage, every eatery, every road salesman, everyone has calculated me a reasonable, locally based one.

From Yangon to Bagan, Mandalay and Inle Lake and Inle Lake and Yangon I took overnight coaches. So I took a full-board from Bagan to Mandalay. That' s handy because the Yangon and Mandalay stops are far out of town, and Inle is also quite a wander.

I had a terrible trip from Mandalay to Inle Lake by coach. You have an agreement with your hotels coach company, but it is not necessarily with one of the friendly coaches. When you want to take a convenient coach, I suggest you book your trip through a travel agency instead of your own city.

You could also ask your hotels which firm they use and then discuss with a travel agency whether it is a good one. Alternatively, simply contact your travel agency. That may seem like a busy day, but it shouldn't take more than a few extra minute and every 12 hour from Inle Lake to Yangon you'll thank us for getting you a seat on a comfortbus.

Myanmar is by far one of the most safe places I've gone as a traveller. I' m not in a restricted area. All of the tourist sector speak English well, as do the cabbies and carriages.

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