Myanmar Income Distribution

Burma Income Distribution

The monthly distribution of the household income of the interviewees. Measurements of inequality differ in their sensitivity to different segments of income distribution and. No withholding tax is payable on dividends. The poverty line, Gini index, household income and consumption for Myanmar. Distribution of respondents by daily income group.

Global database of inequalities

Few offer estimations of inequalities and those who do (e.g. the OECD or the World Bank dataportals ) largely depend on budget-review. However, a major issue with polls is that they are self-assessed and, as is well known, often tend to overestimate peak income and peak asset spread.

Moreover, polls only provide a short period of coverage and make it difficult to provide a long-term view of imbalance tendencies. It allows us to publish imbalance estimations that are more accurate - from the bottom up in the distribution of income and assets - and that also extend over much longer times.

You can find the complete method for creating our ranges in country-specific documents in our methodology-lip or in the DINA-directives. If you have any further queries about the information, please do not hesistate to do so. First we publish detailled accounting figures, which are not usually found on other websites.

Next, we make adjustments for off-shore investment income and investment income so that our flows of FDI income are globally coherent (e.g. they add up to zero), which is usually not the case with current data bases. After all, there are no dependable rows for the use of solid assets (capital write-downs) for a large number of different jurisdictions, so we are combining different resources and developing new ways to deduce coherent gloobal rows.

This enables us to provide coherent world ranges on GNI - i.e. GDP less the use of investment plus net external income - which do not occur elsewhere. An euro-zone economy with high comparative costs will have a lower EU-individual income value in this area. In particular, see the World and the Distributional NAC Guidelines (here).

If this is the case, we check all of your current ranges and try to make a sensible combination. If you have any further queries about the information, please do not hesistate to do so. In recent years, the growth of disparities has been mainly due to an upsurge in income and prosperity at the top of the distribution.

Budgetary interviews, however, which are traditional methods of observing this dynamic, do not take this development into account very well. It provides useful information and covers many different nations, but does not sufficiently reflect the income and asset level of the wealthiest people. This makes it possible to follow the development of all income or asset classes very closely from bottom to top.

Our aim is to use economics that are in line with the system of measurement of a nation's economy (i.e. the system for the measurement of its activities ) and that may also be useful for the general population.

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