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Burma Income

Income from personal income tax is an important source of income for the Government of Myanmar. It builds on Myanmar's exponentially growing income base. The taxable income is calculated after deduction of allowable expenses and depreciation. Non-residents are taxed on their income from sources in Myanmar. Avoidance of double taxation and tax evasion agreements with the Union of Myanmar.

Burma Personal Income Tax Rate | 2013-2018 | Data | Graphic

Myanmar personal income taxes are taxes levied by private persons on various income streams such as labour, pension, interest and dividend. Our benchmarks refer to the top marginal rate for private persons. Personal income taxes are an important revenue stream for the Myanmar administration.

The Myanmar Personal Income Tax Rates provide current figures, historic information, forecasts, graphs, stats, business calendars and messages. The Myanmar Personal Income Tax Rates - current dates, historic graph and publication schedule - was last revised in July 2018.

Burma - Taxes on income

Myanmar residents and non-residents are subject to Myanmar income taxes on their global income. Non-residents are only taxable on income from Myanmar residents. Foreigners working for Union of Myanmar Foreign Investment Law (MFIL) or Myanmar Investment Law (MIL) entities may be subject to the same rate of taxation as MFIL/MIL entities, irrespective of the length of their residence in Myanmar.

Miscellaneous income: Remark: No taxes are due if your overall salary income does not surpass 4.8 million Myanmar Kieats (MMK) per year. Stage 1 - Selecting the areas to be printed, Stage 2 - Selecting the themes to be printed, Stage 3 - Setting the printing option, previews and printing. The number of pages chosen (areas times topics) must be less than 60.

Burma - Calculation of company income

Revenue is categorized as income from a occupation, shop, property, principal gain, other resources and unreported resources, and income that has eluded taxation. Proceeds from the sale of properties are valued on a separate basis. Income taxes are charged on overall income after deducting deductible expenses and amortization. With the agreement of the Ministry of Planning and Finance, the Ministry may, by means of a declaration, impose, amend and supplement taxable income and income taxes.

Proceeds from the sale of properties are valued on a separate basis. Please see Investment IncomeTax under Other Taxes for further information. In Myanmar, there is a one-tier corporation income taxation system under which profit sharing that a Myanmar tax payer receives from an individual group ( "association") (i.e. private entities, joints venture, company, etc.) is exempt from income tolls.

Income from interest and moveable assets are classified as operating income. Myanmar's income tax law does not contain a special tax regulation for license revenues. Royalties are generally considered to be commercial revenue. Myanmar-based businesses are subject to global taxation and as such income from outside Myanmar is subject to tax in Myanmar.

Non-residents are not subject to taxation on their income abroad. Myanmar has no deferment scheme for overseas income.

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