Myanmar in which state

Burma, in which state

Hluttaw Pyidaungsu (Union Legislative Assembly) and regional and state Hluttaws. Burma is an elongated and prorupted state. Its capital is Yangoon in the south, on the Gulf of Martaban. Eradicate poverty and promote shared prosperity in a period of transition. Following independence, the parliamentary democracy system in the state was implemented in accordance with the Constitution of the Union of Myanmar.

The Myanmar Armed Forces kill civilian populations in Kachin as UN issues warning on global developments

Myanmar's UN humanitarian affairs specialist has sounded the alert about a deadly increase in Myanmar's Kachin state animosity and warned that the recent bomb attacks by the Myanmar authorities have resulted in the killing and displacement of civil servants. Yanghee Lee, the UN report on Myanmar's humanitarian affairs, quoted stories about the use of air strikes, serious weaponry and gunfire in civil areas near the Chinese frontier.

"Harmony of civilian casualties and the death of several hundred refugees, and several hundred refugees are now escaping," Lee said, commented on the eviction of some 5,000 refugees during the final few days of the war. The United Nations reports that IDPs include babies, mothers, the aged and disabled persons.

"What we have seen in Kachin State in recent months is completely inacceptable and must stop immediately," Lee said. "Civilians must never be exposed to force during the war. Lee's remarks followed an early March civil servant warned the Human Rights Council in Geneva that while the state of Rakhine was the focus of global concern, it was hardly on the escalation of violent events in Kachin, Shan and other conflict-affected areas in Myanmar.

"Any deliberate obstruction of aid can amount to acts of genocide under transnational law," Lee said, and added that she had been reported that a convoi of foodstuffs organized by the Myanmar Red Cross had been hindered from accessing the Man Wai community at the end of last months. Over 100 cavalry have been captured in the town for three week and have very little contact with the necessary necessities such as nutrition and medicines.

Whilst the focus of global interest is on the violent events that have driven almost 700,000 Rohingya from the state of Rakhine to neighboring Bangladesh since August last year, monitors warn of the danger of a worsening threat of ethnical conflicts in Myanmar, not least in the north of Shan and Kachin, both bordering China. Recent displacements do not cover the nearly 100,000 refugees who have been in the Shan and Kachin north of the country since a cease-fire by the regime in 2011 failed.

"The recent violent tide of the world's longest ever civilian conflict is showing no sign of ebb. Unicef says only a third of the Kachin community has universal health care coverage. Burma must conduct a "proper investigation" of allegations of horrors against the Rohingya in Rakhine, said a UN Secretary of State on Tuesday after a UN delegate visited the state.

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